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  1. Would sometime care to comment about integration to Box in the Android version app? It doesn't appear to be there as an option but it's in the current stable version.

    Please don't tell me support is being dropped, as I'll have to let it go if that's the case 

  2. When synchronising to Google Drive, Encompass requests for the following permissions:

    1. View and manage the files in your Google Drive (https://developers.google.com/resources/api-libraries/documentation/appsactivity/v1/java/latest/com/google/api/services/appsactivity/AppsactivityScopes.html#DRIVE)
    2. View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app

    The permission I'm concerned about is request permissions #1 which, explained in Google's own words is:

    -Upload, download, update, and delete files in your Google Drive
    -Create, access, update, and delete native Google documents in your Google Drive
    -Manage files and documents in your Google Drive (e.g., search, organize, and modify permissions and other metadata, such as title)

    Other apps only request #2 if I'm not mistaken. 

    Please clarify.

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