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  1. Jatin Sharma

    Microsoft Wallet Integration

    Thanks for your suggestion. We will look forward into it and if feasible we'll surely implement this functionality.
  2. Jatin Sharma

    Google Drive Sync Permissions

    Hi @Richard2016 Although Enpass can work with permission #2 only in most of the time. But there are cases when we need permisson #1 also, like 1. You have configured folder sync in desktop app and that folder is being synced with google drive through google app. 2. You have manually uploaded a Enpass backup as sync_default.walletx. In these cases without permission #2, Enpass app on your phone will fail to fetch the Enpass data as it is not uploaded by Enpass.
  3. Jatin Sharma

    UWP Keep search text on refresh

    Hi @XiteHosting, Thanks for reporting the issue, it will be fixed in future update of Enpass.
  4. Jatin Sharma

    ENPASS 5.3 Windows 10 Desktop default browser

    Hi @smarks, Unfortunately there is no such settings in Enpass at the moment to use its own default browser but I have added it in roadmap as a feature request. Thanks a lot. Cheers!
  5. Jatin Sharma

    Using TOTP Enpass started to crash

    Hi @lautrivta Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re facing in using TOTP on UWP. Can you please help us with the following details Device on which you’re using Enpass (with the version number of Enpass and OS). Is the sync ON? If yes, then does turning it off stops crashing? Is the system time same on your UWP device and desktop App (the one with the browser extension)? TOTP can vary if the time on the devices is different. The other thing to figure out is, if the presence of any single TOTP or a particular one is creating problem. For that you have to start adding them again one by one and observe after adding which one, it starts crashing. Meanwhile please revert to us with the reply of above queries and we will also start looking into it. Jatin
  6. Jatin Sharma

    Windows Hello Master Password

    Hi @Binh Truong Thanks for your suggestion and concern about Enpass. After Windows Hello is enabled in Enpass, the authorization of user is done by the Device. The dialog which is presented for authorization is shown by the OS itself. The options like IRIS scanner, fingerprint scanner and PIN are shown if they are supported by device and are setup by user in phone settings. Currently there's no API to restrict the options to be shown in the Hello Authentication dialog.
  7. Jatin Sharma

    Enpass.exe has stopped working

    Hi @Danmanv1 We are really sorry for the trouble at your end and I can understand your situation very well. This is really a strange behavior and in order to fix it asap, I would like to be online with you on Skype as per your convenience. I have messaged you Skype details. Please revert me there with your availability. Jatin
  8. Jatin Sharma

    Enpass does not load using windows 10 mobile

    This seems an issue where Windows UWP apps starts crashing at startup and works for a few days. Last week a new insider build i.e. 10.0.14342 for Windows 10 phones was released with a fix which prevents UWP apps from crashing at startup, for more details about this version check: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/05/16/announcing-windows-10-mobile-insider-preview-build-14342/ Please checkout this new build and let us know if your problem is fixed.
  9. Jatin Sharma

    BUG: Master Password conflict

    The case as you've described sounds weird. Enpass isn't supposed to behave like this. Perhaps there is some misunderstanding. If possible, I will advise you to please suggest a convenient time on support@enpass.io to have a Skype meeting to resolve this issue in a better way.
  10. Jatin Sharma

    BUG: Master Password conflict

    Hi Maceo, I am sorry that you're having problem in changing password across devices and thanks a lot for your time in explaining the scenario at your end. It shouldn't be like as you said in your point 5 that your were not able to unlock Enpass BOTH on Phone and PC using new password. Yes, your Phone will not unlock using new password but your Windows Universal App should, as you changed your master password on that. Changing a password on one device changes it for Enpass on that device and associated cloud. But the master passwords of other devices will not be changed and will stay same. However at the the time of sync on other devices you will be prompted to enter master password of data on cloud. So, you have to change your master password manually on all the devices. For more details please visit: https://www.enpass.io/kb/i-am-using-enpass-on-multiple-devices-and-i-have-changed-my-master-password-on-one-device-why-arent-the-rest-of-the-devices-automatically-updated-to-the-new-master-password/ We have some more FAQs related to master password. Please also look at them here https://www.enpass.io/kb/windows-desktop/ Hope this helps! But if you still have problems, please let me know and I will definitely help you in sorting it out.
  11. Jatin Sharma

    Cannot re-install Enpass UWP

    Hello Binh, It's good to know that your problem is fixed. The installation and uninstallation of Enpass UWP is handled by the system. In case any such problem occurs again, please make sure that you have the latest OS version or you can try rebooting the device.
  12. Jatin Sharma

    Enpass crashes when syncing with Owncloud

    Hello, Thanks for reporting the issue and sharing your details with us. With your co-operation, the issue has been resolved. This fix will be available in the upcoming version.
  13. Jatin Sharma

    Enpass does not load using windows 10 mobile

    To investigate it further, please share your phone details along with OS version. One of the possible cause of crashing might be the crashing of Windows Store Licensing API (Used by Enpass to fetch the user's purchase information from store at startup). Few of the users are affected by this issue. We have a Beta version of Enpass that deals with this issue. So to confirm the cause of this issue, I suggest you to please contact us at support@enpass.io with a request to access the Beta through Package Flight providing us your Microsoft account ID through which you are currently logged into your Windows Store. Please also mention a link to this Forum topic in that Email. Cheers!
  14. Jatin Sharma

    Enpass does not load using windows 10 mobile

    Thanks for reporting the issue. Although our testing team is working to reproduce your issue but it will be really helpful if you can provide some more information like specified time interval after which Enpass crashes. does it stop crashing once you disable OneDrive syncing? Thanks!
  15. Jatin Sharma

    Enpass crashes when syncing with Owncloud

    Hi @speedball2001 To help you with this ownCloud sync issue, please provide us the following details here or via Which UWP device are you using Windows Phone or Desktop? Along with its OS version. ownCloud version which you are using? Also if it is possible for you to share a demo account of your cloud, please send it to support@enpass.io (mentioning this thread) or as a personal message to me. We will definitely help you in sorting out this issue.