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  1. Have been using Enpass for a few years and really find it invaluable. I agree with earlier comments regarding the ability to either edit or add categories. This would be really useful and I hope it's coming very soon. When will it be available?? I'm wanting to create an 'OLD' category so that I can move over various details which have been replaced - eg Credit card details, bank details. By putting these into an 'OLD' category then keeps the 'Finance' category neater and easier to manage but enables me to keep the out of date info.
  2. I have resolved this issue after spending most of the day on it. Not sure which step resolved all the problems but this is what I did:- - Uninstalled Enpass on my mobile then reinstalled it and entered my registration codes This brought back all my data onto my mobile but it still wasn't syncing with Dropbox - I uninstalled Dropbox on my mobile then re-installed it. I did a reboot of my mobile and after it turned back on my data was available on both PC & mobile - and after amending an item, it synced OK. Not sure why this happened in the first place but I think it must have been the upgrade to Marshmallow. I'm very glad I got all my data back and of course important lesson learnt is that I will do more frequent backups of my precious data.
  3. Latest status - I added my registration codes into Enpass on my mobile and 'thank goodness' all my data was returned. I now have all data (I think) accessible from my mobile BUT it still has not synced with my PC and updated my data on the PC version of Enpass. This is really strange. Have tried syncing from my mobile and finally it's showing that it synced and my PC showed the notification that the enpass wallett was updated, yet my PC version of Enpass still only shows a small no of items.
  4. I updated my Samsung Note 4 to Marshmallow (Android 6.0.1) yesterday and noticed today that Enpass thinks I'm not a registered user and is only showing 20 of my 200+ items. It has also synced to my PC so now both devices are only showing 20 items as it thinks I'm on a trial version. How do I recover all my items into Enpass? Hoping someone can quickly assist me with this issue.
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