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  1. Hi Garima, Do you have any updates on the status of this issue? Thanks!
  2. Following up - as lairdchris noted, it's possible to run Enpass under xwayland via: QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb enpass This works fine for the most part. However, automatic copying of TOTP after filling a login in a wayland browser doesn't work, but automatic copying of TOTP after filling a login in a xwayland browser does work.
  3. Just wanted to add my +1. Wayland support would be appreciated!
  4. I'm trying to add a photo from my photo library as an attachment to an item. I need the entire photo, but the upload wizard forces me to crop the photo to a 1:1 aspect ratio before saving it. I can't zoom even out. I end up with a square photo which clips important parts of the photo out. I verified the photo saved to my vault was indeed cropped by loading it on the Enpass Linux desktop version, which does in fact show the cropped version. Uploading from Linux, the full photo is saved as expected.
  5. I'm quite sure this issue is not due to timing issues on my end. After some additional testing, this is the specific way to reproduce the behavior: When a site requests a TOTP to log in, activate Enpass Mini Using the arrow keys, highlight the desired account from the list of Enpass items Use the right arrow key to open the account details Use the down arrow key to highlight the TOTP field Take note of the time remaining, wait until a fresh OTP is generated, and take mental note of the number Press enter to copy the TOTP and close Enpass Mini Pres
  6. When using the keyboard to copy the value from the OTP field (by highlighting it with arrow keys and pressing enter to copy it), the OTP is incorrect and does not match what is displayed in the OTP text field. For example, the OTP text field for one of my accounts displayed 016406, but pressing enter copied 942757 to my clipboard.
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