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  1. Also not too happy with this development with enpass. Thought the lifetime pro licence was a good and fututreproof investment. However not planning to leave enpass, but that annoying red warning banner needs to go. Should not be too difficult?
  2. This solved it on my side as well, thanks. Would be nice to be able to move to another vault if "All vaults" are selected as well.
  3. Sorry, was trying to post this to "Enpass Support & Troubleshooting" or "Autofilling and Desktop Browser Extensions" but cannot add a new post there. I have issues with using Enpass with my bank account (website: https://mijn.ing.nl/login/ ) since a few weeks. It worked fine, but maybe the website changed something. Enpass only shows recent items when I click on the enpass extension in Chrome. It does work with all (or most, did not test all :-) ) of my other accounts/websites in Enpass.
  4. They seem to have some issues with it, but I would love to be able to use the fingerprint ID in Windows 10 (Windows Hello) For example, see https://www.enpass.io/blog/enpass-565-for-desktop-brings-you-several-new-features/ or the next post of the Enpass team 1 month ago However Enpass was expected end of May, which has passed silently... see this topic: But this tweet is hopefull , so let's wait patiently!:-)
  5. Same issue over here. NAS login works, but Photo station login does not work. The overlay window is most probably the cause.
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