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  1. Sorry, was trying to post this to "Enpass Support & Troubleshooting" or "Autofilling and Desktop Browser Extensions" but cannot add a new post there. I have issues with using Enpass with my bank account (website: https://mijn.ing.nl/login/ ) since a few weeks. It worked fine, but maybe the website changed something. Enpass only shows recent items when I click on the enpass extension in Chrome. It does work with all (or most, did not test all :-) ) of my other accounts/websites in Enpass.
  2. They seem to have some issues with it, but I would love to be able to use the fingerprint ID in Windows 10 (Windows Hello) For example, see https://www.enpass.io/blog/enpass-565-for-desktop-brings-you-several-new-features/ or the next post of the Enpass team 1 month ago However Enpass was expected end of May, which has passed silently... see this topic: But this tweet is hopefull , so let's wait patiently!:-)
  3. Same issue over here. NAS login works, but Photo station login does not work. The overlay window is most probably the cause.
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