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  1. This problem is still not fixed on Mac. Cannot view or open an attached pdf. Save is the only option. Been over a year!
  2. @Anshu I don't want to delete the valid keychain I use with Enpass 5.x. I thought I could run in parallel. If I can't I'll wait for several bug fix releases after 6 comes out.
  3. Where is the welcome screen? It never appears. I can't access restore.
  4. YOU DO NOT OWN CUSTOMER DATA! Things to fix: faster sync by syncing shards rather than one entire file of passwords Delete should have undelete during the current session or a trash folder that is emptied periodically--THIS IS THE 2ND PRIORITY Better fonts and layout Capture site icons from commercial sites that have one You may not delete the backup when the Mac Store version of the app is deleted. Heinous and WRONG. This may keep a person from losing the only record they have of their passwords! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Make no excuses about sandboxing. Appstore apps can save files in the user's home directory. Therefore, you can save a file. TOP PRIORITY! TOP PRIORITY! Your app is totally unsafe and inappropriate to use until this is fixed. YOU DO NOT OWN CUSTOMER DATA! THE BACKUP MUST BE ACCESSIBLE WITHOUT USING A COPY OF ENPASS. This is a requirement. Yes, it must be encrypted. That is EASY to solve. Simply backup as a ZIP archive using AES256 encryption and use the user's master password, which we must all remember in any case--like the product you copied 1Password, for encryption. YOU MUST MAKE THE CHANGES IN ITEMS 5 AND 6.
  5. Lewisl

    No import by category

    So, I'll revise my view that this is not really fatal. I looked at my 1Password data by category. Most of my items were logins (not surprising). So, I filtered by category, selected all, exported the selected items for each category. Then, I went to Enpass and imported a single category, chose the "import" category, dragged all to the appropriate category. Went through each category. A minor pain but it didn't take that long and worked. So, I am good to go.
  6. Lewisl

    No import by category

    I imported 837 items from 1Password. They were not categorized. Until you do this, this app is a non-starter. When you are the new kid on the block attempting to compete on price you must: 1. Have nearly perfect quality--better than the app you are trying to displace, which has years of maintenance, quality fixes, and performance work--so it is very hard to catch up. 2. You must import perfectly or no one will migrate. You don't have to do anything of course. Your choice. If you don't, you won't survive. Because we have a choice. This is not about folders. This is about categories. You say it is a lot of work to support all the password managers. Indeed it is. First, focus on size of installed base. After LastPass and 1Password, it will barely matter what you support. Second, the work you do to support one will help you with all of the rest (not complete the job--but provide a solid start). Even if the formats are different, the basic structure is password data is very similar across all products. Again, entirely up to you...
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