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  1. Also, you won't need to remember the tag as there will be a tag editor at the Edit page. Hemant, you're missing the point of this one. As I've mentioned multiple times in the beta forums, the fields for adding tags need to offer auto-fill suggestions from existing tags. Currently users have to manually type in every tag IN FULL.This leads to mistakes, and those mistakes turn into multiple similar tags. This is especially true because it's impossible to scroll the sidebar while in editing mode, so it's very easy to end up in a situation where you're typing in the name of a tag that you can't even see in the sidebar. (BTW, it's even worse in mobile, where there's no sidebar at all, so you genuinely have to have memorized every single tag you've ever created because you have to type them out, in full, without anything to go on.) I've ended up with the same tag, but slightly different, multiple times because of this. At one point I had a Utility tag, an Utilities tag, and a Utilties (misspelled) tag because Enpass offers ZERO assistance to the user when adding tags. Adding auto-fill suggestions when typing in tags should be a very high priority for upcoming releases. Adding tags is a BIG pain in the butt right now. You can still do this from the sidebar, under tags. Select the Tag and right click to create a new Subtag or browser the hierarchy. On the desktop just drag and drop the item there and on ipad you can still go into the tag from Groups->Tags and create a new tag or add any item inside the tag. You're also misunderstanding the problem here. I believe Waira is saying that in Enpass 6 it's impossible to click on a tag, then create a new item and have it already include that tag. In Enpass 5, if you were in your Utilities folder when you started a new item, that item would be created in your Utilities folder. In Enpass 6, if you're in your Utilities tag when you start a new item, it is not automatically tagged with the Utilities tag. This leads to the problem I describe above, where you're forced to manually type in the entire name of your tag, and get it exactly right, every...single...time you add a tag. That is inconvenient, a big hassle, and there's no reason it should be necessary. For the record, I'm fine with tags — if they're well implemented and user-friendly. But in Enpass 6, they are most definitely not.
  2. You may have missed it, but the new version has been in beta for months, with a lot of users providing a lot feedback (look through these forums). Granted, there should have been a lot more work done before this release was made public. It's definitely not clean enough to be out of beta yet, and I don't know what led to that weird decision. But Enpass definitely asked for, and received, a lot of users' opinions first.
  3. Settings > Customize > Categories (Should be available from right-click > Edit Categories too — especially since Edit Categories says right there that you can create your own.)
  4. STEPS: Use search field to find an item Make a small edit to that item Save RESULT: When the editing overlay slides away, all the item details disappear. Better explained in a screenshot (see below). This does not happen if you edit an item without searching first (i.e., if you just scroll through all your items until you find it).
  5. Can you provide a rough estimate of when Favicons will be back? The version of Favicon-fetching the early builds seemed (from a user POV) to work fairly well. The second version of Favicon-fetching (introduced in either build 250 or 279, I don't remember which) was a disaster. When can we (beta users) expect to see another attempt to reintroduce Favicon-fetching? (I'm not looking for specifics, just "in the next few weeks" or "in the next few months" or "it will be a while, sorry!" I just want to know if I should bother spending time making my own.)
  6. Because Enpass needs to run in the background, it needs to either not quit the background process when the user CMD+Qs out of the main window, or it needs to warn users that quitting will end the background process. CMD+Q is a reflex for Mac users when they're done using an app, so it's way, way too easy to accidentally shut down all Enpass functionality. Ideally, CMD+Q would not end the background process. This is how almost every other background-running Mac app works. For example, iStat Menus, which displays CPU & RAM usage (among other options) in the Menu Bar, has a full-window UI where it's configured. When you CMD+Q to quit out of iStat Menus, the configuration window goes away, and the app's icon disappears from the dock, but it doesn't shut off the Menu Bar interface. The same thing is true of Malwarebytes. That's how Enpass should work. But at the very least Enpass needs to warn users upon Quit: Are you sure you want to quit Enpass? [QUIT]: End all Enpass processes, including Enpass Assistant in your Menu Bar and browsers [CLOSE]: Just close Enpass window and keep Enpass running in the background [Cancel]: Return to the Enpass main window
  7. Now that I've created my own "default" template (I don't like any of the built-in templates), I've started re-creating some of my Items using the new template. In the process, I've discovered a curious anomaly: Often the new item will label the passphrase for that account as "average," while the older item that I'm replacing labels the exact same password as "weak." I'm not sure this happens ever time, but I've noticed it at lest 3 times, so I thought it was worth mentioning.
  8. It would be very helpful to be able, in the Enpass Assistant overlay, to right-click on an item, and choose "Edit," which would then launch the full app and open the item's edit overlay. Currently if you pull up an item in the Assistant mini-window and want to edit it, you have to not take any action within the item itself, but instead... Click the "hamburger" menu Select Open Enpass In main window, search for the item Select EDIT Would be nice if these extra steps could be bypassed.
  9. I'm seeing a lot of problems with icons syncing across devices. Two examples: 1) In one vault, I've created custom icons for multiple items (since Favicon functionality was removed). This vault syncs between two Macs via Dropbox. I installed the Mac App Store version of Enpass 6 on the second machine yesterday and synced with the vault. Not a single one of my custom icons showed up on the second machine. Every item I'd given a custom icon now has a generic default icon. 2) In another vault, synced via Google Drive, I've chosen or created icons for multiple items using my Mac (that at the time was running beta build 250 or 279, and is now running the production version downloaded from Enpass.io). Looking at that vault today, on my Mac all the icons except the custom ones have returned to their generic icon (the globe on the teal background), but on my Android the very same items all have their icons from the Enpass gallery:
  10. Oooohhh...that. Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah, that's confusing to me. I wish I understood it better. There are a lot of problems with Google's online tools making it difficult to find your way back to something you'd previously found. I wish there was a way within one's Google account to bookmark stuff you'd like to get back to — settings, a list of forums you've posted in, etc.
  11. I can definitely understand how that kind of frustration could lead to you ire with the new version and with the lack of straight answers from the Enpass team in these forums. I had only just discovered Enpass a couple weeks before 6b was available, so I'm not having to make the same kind of adjustment as you, and I'm not dealing with moving from a product that worked well for my needs to one that isn't up to the standard of the previous version. If I were, I'd probably be just as fed up as you are, and I can be a pretty damn noisy customer when I'm fed up. I really hope we all eventually get what we want and need out of the new version of Enpass. I'm really sorry you're dealing with an "improvement" that has crippled a product you previously liked. With as often as one uses passwords, it must be rage-inducing.
  12. I agree completely. I think the Enpass team should publish a roadmap. Half the posts in these forums would go away if we could all see where the issues we're reporting fall on the roadmap. We might not like what we see, but at least we'd know what to expect.
  13. What do you mean by "the application space"? I have access to invisibles, so I'd really like to know where it is.
  14. There's more than one problem. I agree that the Enpass team is crowbarring a mobile IU into their desktop app. I agree that's less than ideal, to put it mildly. At best, its a means to an end for getting the product out the door, and improvements will be made over time. At worst, it's flat-out lazy programming. But the communication problem is that the Enpass team is not being frank with us about where Enpass 6 falls on that scale. In fact, they seem to be specifically avoiding answering that question, which leads me to believe the truth is closer to the latter. Having said that, I still prefer Enpass to the alternatives I've tried, even if the UI is as bad as it is right now. I hope these forums will help influence the Enpass team to do the right thing and build a proper UI for the desktop version, but it seems they don't intend to actually clear that up. So yes, the problem — or one of the problems — is communication. I'm not sure how this qualifies as "dishonest." I don't like it either, but you disagreeing with their UI decisions is not even in the same wheelhouse as "dishonest." Now, I believe at one point, on one of these threads, someone on the Enpass team did say the desktop UI would be brought more in line with Windows and Mac standards. One could color that statement as "dishonest," and perhaps that's what you mean — but it's not what you said. Fraud: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain I'm not sure how this rises to "fraud" — I think you're hyperbolizing out of frustration. But whatever the case, I don't understand what you're still doing here if you have this much distain for the new product. What are you getting out of this conversation? Wouldn't your time be better spent looking for alternative software? As for downgrading, do you not have a backup somewhere of Enpass 5 that you could reinstall?
  15. That's understandable. I work in software. I know how harried the development process can be, especially when you're in open beta, and especially when you're nearing the finish line.
  16. That took care of it. Fresh install from App Store now asking to restore from cloud. Thanks! I'd prefer it recognize the existing local data, but this is better than what was going on before, which I'm pretty sure was Enpass 5 data hanging around after I uninstalled that version after build 250. Cheers! Oh, I'm on top of that. Thanks!
  17. So I've been using Enpass 6 since the first beta. I downloaded the production release today from enpass.io, and it says premium features require the version from the Mac App Store. OK, so I download the Mac App Store version, which gets installed separately from the version I downloaded from enpass.io. I launch it, and none of my stuff is there. Instead of showing my vaults, I see a red icon of a cloud with a line through it. All Items has only 13 items, and they're all from May 2018. Where on earth is this 7-month-old data coming from? When I open the version downloaded from enpass.io, it shows all my vaults and all my items just fine. But I can't go premium because premium requires the App Store version. Why was the App Store version installed separately? Why was it installed in a folder inside Applications instead of just loose in the Applications folder? If the data I'm seeing is leftover from when I tried Enpass 5 (before joining the Enpass 6 beta), how do I get rid of it, and how do I make sure I'm getting rid of only the old Enpass 5 data? And how do I get the App Store version of Enpass 6 to look in the right place for my data?
  18. I probably should have said in my original post in this thread that this wouldn't be so bad if there had been some acknowledgment that the 6.0.0 release was going to be "the first milestone and there are more to go." It would have gone a long way to read post at the end of the last Beta thread announcing the status to those of us who have helped. I don't mean to belittle the Enpass team. I know you all are working hard. Rewriting software, almost from the ground up, should not be dismissed lightly. I really appreciate what your team is trying to achieve and, with the notable exception of seeming to abandon efforts to make the app Mac-like, I very much like where Enpass is headed. The problem here isn't so much the issues that haven't been addressed yet. The problem is the poor communication from the Enpass team. For example: There has been no explanation for the removal of the favicon feature, and there was no heads-up about the new pricing structure. The people who have been QA-testing Enpass for free deserve a little insight into what's going on. I'm not suggesting we should receive weekly summaries of your team meetings or anything, but there needed to be a summarizing final post in the build 250/279 thread before you shut it down. This is what we got: But this is what we needed: Also, a link to a roadmap of what's expected to be addressed in future releases would be nice too. This version of Enpass is not ready for everyday users. I was planning to put my whole family on Enpass, but I can't in its current state. The UX is not clear enough for someone like my 76-year-old dad. It would be nice to know how long it will be before it's ready for everyday users. It seems to me that the reason for this lack of clear communication from the Enpass team isn't time or just not realizing what should be explained clearly. It seems to me the lack of clear communication was intentional. It seems like the Enpass team didn't want to take the heat for releasing a production version that has pretty significant known bugs, has promised functionality completely removed without explanation, and has been repriced without any advanced warning to the most loyal users. I may be wrong about that, and if so, I apologize. But the lack of communication on some very specific things leads me to this belief. I, for one, would like to hear, "Yeah, guys, we blew it with the favicons. That did not go according to plan. We're going to fix it, but we really needed to get this app to the public ASAP. You can expect favicons to return within a few months. If you'd like to continue helping with beta versions of the software, you can sign up [here]." BTW, I've emailed about this, but I became a paid user one week ago, in anticipation of the release of 6.0.0, wanting to commit and show my support. But now that the pricing and premium structure has changed, I've ended up paying $9.99 for nothing, and the version of Enpass 6 I've downloaded today is missing features I was using yesterday. I'm willing to pay for premium on all my platforms, but I'd like back the $9.99 I wasted last week in the Google Play store.
  19. I agree. Hard to recommend this app to less-savvy computer users (like my dad) when it's so easy to accidentally delete the password to your bank account.
  20. Yep. That's on me. I assumed the cosmetics and Mac-ification would happen after underlying framework issues were addressed. I was wrong.
  21. I've grown more and more frustrated and disappointed with the Enpass team's cherry-picking only questions they want to answer in the beta threads on these forums, and ignoring real concerns, usability issues and bugs. Now a production release has been announced, and there are a TON of problems that have gone ignored. A week ago I paid for the premium version of Enpass in good faith, on the assumption that the team would fix all these problems before releasing the app publicly, but instead they've released a buggy, incomplete product and have thus far largely ignored all of the following issues, and in some cases removed features instead of fixing them. - Beta 279 and the production release no longer have the favicon-fetching feature. The original version of this feature was passable. The updated version in build 250 was terrible, and after the problems with this feature were pointed out, the Enpass team stopped replying to questions about it, and removed the feature completely without bothering to explain. Other password managers don't have any problems with their favicon feature, so what's the hang-up here? - Not having the favicon feature might not be so bad if the Custom Icon feature wasn't even worse. Despite a lot of great feedback early in the beta process about bugs and missing functionality in this feature, the Enpass team has apparently ignored all these issued, since the production release doesn't address any of them, including the next three bullet points below. - The custom icon feature can't properly scale images at all. This was reported months ago, and it should be a pretty easy problem to fix. And yet, only images exactly 200x200 will display correctly as icons in Enpass. - No. 3 might not be so bad, except that Enpass doesn't bother to tell the user that Custom Icons must be 200x200. Why not at least do this, as I suggested on 2018-12-09? This would take literally 10 seconds of coding. - Worse yet, it's impossible to remove icons from the Custom Icons gallery. So after you've tried several icon sizes before discovering the 200x200 restriction, you're stuck with those failed icons forever. Why isn't there a right-click > Remove? - Full-window version of Enpass doesn't remember its position on screen (originally reported 2018-12-05) Park your Dock on the right edge of the screen instead of the bottom Launch main window Hold down OPT while clicking the green "full screen" button in the red-yellow-green buttons across the top of the window (this make the window take up the whole screen, except for the Menu Bar and Dock) Quit Enpass Relaunch Enpass RESULT: Window is the correct size but it's moved to the right by 30-40px, so it's centered on the screen, which means it's partially underneath the right-edge-anchored Dock (This did not happen in build 220.) - In Menu Bar UI (Enpass Assistant), mousing over sidebar icons (Home, Favorites, etc.) does not show what they do. Only clicking on them displays the description pop-over... - After opening the Menu Bar UI, the only way to close it is to click somewhere else on the screen or use the ESC key (reported in the very first beta forum) Standard UX for Menu Bar items is that you should be able to close them via clicking the Menu Bar icon again - CMD+E from Enpass Assistant no longer launches main-window Enpass (reported in the very first beta forum) You now have to click the "hamburger" menu in the lower left corner of the dropdown This was a feature in Enpass 5 that has been removed from Enpass 6 There is now no way to open the full Enpass window with a keyboard shortcut - The system-wide hotkey for Enpass Assistant is not adequately customizable (this was reported a couple months ago) The user should be able to chose the entire key combination, like every app that allow the creation of custom universal keyboard shortcuts. Plus, CMD+OPT+[key] is a very common combination within other apps, so it's very likely that forcing Enpass users to use CMD+OPT+[key] will cause a conflict in other apps. Example: In Photoshop (at least in an older version I have), CMD+OPT+E is used to merge layers, so I can't use the intuitive CMD+OPT+E (for Enpass) as my shortcut. - The universal keyboard shortcut opens the mini-window in the center of the screen It should open anchored to the Menu Bar icon, just like it does when you click the Menu Bar icon - When in the main window, if you CMD+H to hide, it closes the window instead of just hiding it (reported months ago) This means you have to go back to the Menu Bar, open the mini-window, re-select the Menu button, and choose Open Enpass again to get back to the main window. I'm glad CMD+W was fixed, but CMD+W and CMD+H are not meant to do the same thing. THIS IS A MAJOR BUG AND COUNTER TO HOW THE HIDE FEATURE WORKS FOR LITERALLY EVERY OTHER MAC APP - In the sidebar, if you hide Categories or Tags, when you reveal them again, the item counts are missing - It's possible to create your own Categories, but it's a HUGE hassle to use them because templates aren't universal Every time you create your own category, it's impossible to then create any items within because there are no templates for the category. Templates should be universal — or at least you should be able to start with the universal list of templates and rule OUT templates that don't belong in your new category. Plus, having to duplicate templates for a new category just creates clutter. - When creating a new item from your own custom template, the Add Title field should be blank, not already filled in with the name you gave the template I've created my own template called "(basic)" that I use for everything, but whenever I create a new item with that template, the Add Title field isn't blank. Instead it says "(basic)" and I have to click in that field and replace that text (FYI, Anshu kumar said on 2018-10-11 that this would be fixed in the next build) - Duplicate Item needs to be part of the contextual menu when you right-click on an item in the Items pane I know this can be found in the three-dots menu of the Item Details panel, but that's not as intuitive as right-clicking on the item you want to copy - Tag fields do not recognize and offer to auto-fill existing tags (reported in the first beta forum) The upshot here is that users have to perfectly memorize every tag they've ever created: If you've previously created a tag called "Shopping," then you're adding tags to an item and you type in just "Sho" Enpass should know and start to auto-fill "Shopping" THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM: If tags don't offer to up existing tags, you can easily end up with Shop and Shopping, Bills and Billing, Med and Medical, etc. - It's impossible to scroll the sidebar when in Edit Item mode When in the Edit Item screen, everything else is grayed out and cannot be scrolled This means if you need to see all your tags in the sidebar so you can type in the right ones for your new item, you have to remember to scroll down the sidebar before you start creating or editing an Item This goes hand-in-hand with the Tag fields not offering auto-fill, because if you can't scroll the sidebar to see the names of all your tag, and there's no auto-fill for this field, you have to have every one of your tags perfectly memorized in order to add them to any new Item - In Edit Mode, when scrolling through an Item that has a lot of data (i.e., there's a lot to scroll through), scrolling doesn't work properly unless you click and drag the scroll bar When two-finger scrolling on a trackpad, the panel "bounces" back to the top as your scroll. (See this screen recording — in the first half, I'm trying to two-finger scroll down (and failing), then I click and drag the scroll bar to actually get to the bottom, then I try to two-finger scroll back up (and fail that too). - When adding tags to an Item, hitting [Tab] creates a new Tag field (so you can add additional tags), but does not select that new field If you hit [Enter] between tags, a new tag field is created and selected, so you can just type your new tag But if you hit [Tab] between tags, a new field is created but not selected, so you then have to physically click that new field to type your next tag - "Add to Vault" in the right-click menu and Item menu should be available even when in All Vaults It's not that intuitive to have to remember to go to the individual vault where that items lives in order to take this action (although I do understand the logic and that this may not be an easy thing to change) - In the Vault Settings > Change Master Password field, it's not possible to move the cursor at all, either by clicking or by the arrow keys If you make a mistake in the password you're changing, the only way you can edit is by backspacing. UNACKNOWLEDGED FEATURE REQUESTS - Ability to choose your own Default template I have my own template I use for everything, the upshot of which is that it's impossible for me to use the Autosave feature in Enpass Assistant because it cannot use my template. So I'm stuck manually creating new entries for every site and service. - Ability to delete templates There are dozens of templates I will literally never use. They get in the way of quickly accessing my custom templates - When the browser extension offers to save login information on a new site, which template is used by default should be up to the user Enpass Assistant offering to save new logins is useless if the automatically-created item is in the wrong template QUESTIONS THAT WERE NEVER ANSWERED - We were told Enpass 6 was supposed to include the ability to choose the location in your cloud service where Enpass would store its walletx — but that does not appear to be the case. How do I do this? - And where is the backup stored by default? Vault Settings shows "Last Synchronized 4 minutes ago" but Google Drive > Enpass > sync_default.walletx is 4 months old. Another vault syncing to a different Google Drive account doesn't have an Enpass folder at all. AND OF COURSE... - We were told that UI would be made more Mac-like and more user-friendly, but it never was... Broadly, the design of the app is too much like mobile for a desktop UI. Example: navigating the settings is a hassle. There's too much nesting of sub-sections. If the settings opened in their own window (like Enpass 5), they could be much more quickly navigated. Also, there are parts of the UI from which its impossible to reach the settings directly. For example, if you're in the Add Item sidebar, CMD+[comma] does not bring up the settings. Having the "edit" icon (pencil) in the middle of the header is counter-intuitive. It should be on the "card" along with "favorite" and "more." Editing any given Item should take place in the same part of the screen as viewing the item. Having a separate Edit UI roll out from the right is problematic because it becomes impossible to interact at all with the rest of the app. (As mentioned above, while editing it's impossible to scroll the sidebar to see your tags) In the sidebar, if you mouseover the Categories header, you get a "..." that brings up an "Edit Categories," but if you mouseover the Tags header, you get a "+" that brings up an "Add tag" overlay. Instead Settings > Customize should include a Tags area where you can add, edit, hide, and delete tags — and the sidebar's Tags header should behave the same way as the Categories header. UI consistency.
  22. FYI, I'm not having any trouble syncing with Google Drive (on two different vaults) in build 279. I did have trouble in build 250, and had to disconnect/reconnect to Google Drive a few times over the life of that build. Just wanted to provide you another data point while waiting for an official response. Are you setting up a fresh vault, or were you connecting OK under the previous build, but can't sync after updating?
  23. So, I guess we're not getting a new thread for build 279? OK, here goes. Just a couple things for now... 1) What happened to favicons? I'm no longer seeing the option when clicking on the icon. Instead I'm taken straight to the app's built-in gallery. Given the problems that occurred when the methodology was changed in build 250, I take it the option has been removed until it's working properly? 2) Lots of usability issues remain from previous builds, but I cataloged them upthread when we were talking about build 250, so I won't repeat since they're mostly the same. 3) YAY!!! MY CUSTOM TEMPLATES ARE AT THE TOP OF "CHOOSE TEMPLATE!" THANK YOU!!!!
  24. When the browser extension asks to save new logins, it should also ask what template you want to use. The feature isn't very helpful (to me anyway) if it's using a different template than I would want.
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