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  1. 1 hour ago, Hitman said:

    For consistency with the other releases for OSX and Win32 I would prefer AppImage. Then it's a single downloadable file like for the other operating systems.

    My personal experience with AppImage hasn't been that great. The whole idea of downloading the app to say your Downloads folder, marking executable and running just doesn't really mirror the Windows or Mac experience. An equivalent to AppImage would be downloading and running an "Enpass.exe" file that just starts the application from that file in your Downloads instead of properly installing it.

    The other thing I've experienced with AppImage is if you "install" it like it prompts you too when you run it, which creates the shortcut in applications menu etc, there is no easy way of uninstalling the app when needed. To uninstall you have to delete any folder it created in your home directory, then delete the .desktop file created under /usr/share/applications/. Just doesn't seem to provide the same simplicity that say Snap does with a simple "sudo snap install enpass" or "sudo snap remove enpass" does, or the Flatpak equivalent.

  2. 2 hours ago, Vikram Dabas said:


    Sorry, no plans for universal package at the moment (Still confused between the Snap vs Flatpak battle).

    Also, many thanks for your support. The Enpass desktop app for Linux is totally free with all features and third-party audit for Enpass is already underway.

    That's rather disappointing to hear. As far as the debate, I don't think it really matters at this point as both formats are charting their course, have their benefits, and neither is going away any time soon. I think you guys should just pick one and run with it, as both already support most of the popular Linux distributions, including Debian and RPM based distros which you are currently building separately, and could combine into a single build.

    If nothing else, an installer script for non-Debian and non-RPM based distro's would be nice to have.

  3. Can we expect to see a "universal" Linux package in the form of a Snap package or Flatpak anytime soon? I'm currently not running Ubuntu and therefore have to manually install Enpass 6 by extracting the package and manually copying the files.

    Is the plan for Enpass desktop to be this free with in app purchases for all platforms? I don't mind paying for the app really, and have on Android, but at this point with the lack of a 3rd party audit, it makes it harder to continue to invest in Enpass when the audit could come out showing the app is insecure or something. Just seems like implementing the "Premium" side of things should wait till post Beta and especially till the 3rd party audit is released and people can feel confident investing more in Enpass.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. 3 minutes ago, Anthony said:

    There is a difference between using betas within a current version line and being forced up to a major new version of a product which is completely incompatible with the previous version (and to which they've botched up the upgrade).

    This morning I found my phone had been upgraded to Enpass 6. My PCs are all using Enpass 5. I'm now screwed.

    So, I did not have a choice in this matter.

    Please refrain from telling people how to feel when you really don't understand the full circumstances.

    I understand more than you think I do. Currently still running Enpass 5 and Enpass 6 Beta side by side on Windows and Linux. The phone part, I see your point, but again, you had to opt into the Beta to get the one that overwrites Enpass 5, I know, because my buddy hasn't opted into the Beta at all and he's still fine running Enpass 5 on his phone.

    I'm a Beta tester, so mine updated, and it clearly delineates that I joined the Beta program on the Play Store.

    So again, chill out bro. You got yourself into this mess. Be nice and I'm sure someone will try and help you out.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Anthony said:

    I am REALLY pissed off at this.

    Honestly, how dare you force me into a beta situation. I RELY on my password vault across my PCs, tablets, and phone 10s of times per day and I need to working 100% reliably.

    Did you forget that you opted into this Beta? You can use Enpass 5 without any issues still to this day. You opted to start testing the Beta, therefore you opted in to how this beta rolls out. If you don't want it to overwrite Enpass 5, then don't use the Beta, wait for the stable Enpass 6. Chill out bro.

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  6. Loving Enpass 6 and using it across Windows, Linux, and Android! Two things I was wondering about on Android:

    1. In Security settings I have Ask Master Password set to "At Least Once a Week", but I get prompted often several times a day, possible bug maybe?

    2. I'm assuming that fast scrolling (see attached screenshot) will be making its way back soon?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


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