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  1. Hi, I try to import a Keepass XML export into a new vault. But I got everytime `nothing to import`. The file was exported from KeeWeb. What can I do to import my passwords? Cheers
  2. Hi, on Safari the screen for the actualised browser plugin have a typo in the german language. It should be »Standard« and not »Standrad«. Cheersd
  3. Hi, I have sometimes problems with webforms if the form is send by Enpass. Than I got CSFR-Errors or I got input validation errors. Only in Chrome 98 in Safari haven't recognize this problem yet. Cheers
  4. JFS

    Password for data

    Hi, I have the same problems but with dropbox. If I use my masterpassword enpass answered with `incorrect password`. But I have not used any other password for the dropbox sync. Cheers
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes I tried to use cmd+w or click the red x in the left top area. But if the window is closed Enpass will not open if I click the shortcut (alt+cmd+.). If i take a look if the process of enpass is present, but have no entries in the activitytool. I have also attached my settings from the generally tab. I use the Enpass 6.3.3 (584) on a High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G5019). Cheers
  6. HI, its look like that this bug is in version 6.3.3 (584) back. If I press cmd+w Enpass will close completely.
  7. Hi, it was is the version 6.3.0 (408) and it happens when I open my bankingapp from the commerzbank. But now I have the problem also in other apps if they are loaded as iPhone app on an iPad. I have my vault sync on dropbox. But the sync works also not correct see here: Cheers
  8. Hi, after reloading Enpass I have to sync my passwords with my Dropbox vault. But now I get the prompt to insered the password of the data. What is meant? my valut passort or my dropbox password? On both I get a error wrong password. Whats going wrong there? Cheers
  9. Hello, if I use Enpass on a iPhone app on a iPad Air 2 with iOs 13.1.3 the ui is sometimes crashed and I have to restart the app. you can see the result on the attached screenshot. Best regards
  10. Hi, is this function in the actual version yet included? I can't find it? Cheers
  11. Hi, I have a password for my Apple ID I can‘t minded. But I can not open the Enpass App from the Apple App Store and since the last update it is also not possible copy and paste a password. This is really annoying because I have to open my Enpass on my mobile phone to use the password on my iPad. A solution for this situation would be nice. Cheers
  12. Hi, I would like if its possible to hide all enpass icons on my os. Actually you can only hide it in the menubar or in the dock. But I use enpass only from my shortcut or autofill. Cheers
  13. Hi, is it possible to disable the mini icon in the menubar? I use a shortcut to open the miniwindow and I don't need the icon there and actually I have a lot of other icons there and try to reduce them. Cheers
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