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  1. Hello. I propose add markdown support for note fields. I think it would make the app most better
  2. I have credentials that changes in the Active Directory every 3 months (this is security policy in our company). Also I've many saved in Enpass items with the same login and password combinations. And every 3 months I change the passwords for every item. I propose next - I want to use a password profiles. For example. I add a new item named as "Password profile" or like this, and add there my login and password. Next, I create new item and add url, phone number, TOTP ect. And I do not add my login and password - I just add the new field named "Password profile" and select from drop-down list my password profile named as "My Active Directory cred.". After save it and add new item. For this time I have over 70 items saved in Enpass that have different urls, TPOPs, notes, but have the same login and password and I scary the time when I will need to change it next time by my hands. However, I want change only one password profile and credentials for over than 70 items will be changed automatically.
  3. Hello. It's should be very cool and usable if you'll add regex support for url in the browser plugin. For example. I am IT engineer and I must work with too many our web-services. First pool of names is git1.server.com, git2.server.com, git3.server.comб git4.server.com, and for this servers I use LDAP credentials. Second pool is api.server1.com, api.server2.com, api.server3.com and this servers accept the other credentials. Third pool - dns-auth-sydney.internal, dns-auth-kyiv.internal, dns-auth-london.internal... And combinations like those are too much. I just want add new field - "regex URL" that supports grep expressions and put there regex URL like: git[:digit:].server.com or [^]api.server[:digit:].com or dns-auth-[:lower:][.].internal and autofill will wokr in the browser for all URL that match this regex
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