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  1. Just to add my voice, a version of Enpass for Linux (all flavors) on the Raspberry Pi would be most appreciated. I have just moved ALL of my daily computing to my new RPi4B-4GB desktop. It is quick and reliable and costs ~$100 after a monitor, mouse and keyboard have been acquired. I am running Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 and am very pleased. An 8GB unit would be indistinguishable in performance from ordinary, higher cost x86 desktop computers. Best regards, Steve
  2. I have recently tried to use Enpass with Opera, owing to my interest in the built-in VPN. The available Enpass extension is loaded, but will not work with the current version of Enpass. Whenever I try to use it it complains that the extension is out of date. Are there plans to update it? Thank you.
  3. Hello Enpass, Well, I feel silly. I rebooted the system and now it seems to be fine. Linux so rarely NEEDS a reboot that I didn't think of it until later. Thanks to all!
  4. I am running Enpass 5.6.9 on Google Chrome Version 68.0.3440.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Linuxmint Mate 19. AMD FX-8350 w/16GB Ram. I've been using Enpass for awhile now, very happily, until this morning. It suddenly stopped working. I've tried removing and reinstalling the Chrome Extension for Enpass with no success. The program itself still seems to work in terms of the repository, but the connector and fill functions have failed utterly. Can anyone point the way forward? Many thanks in advance. - Steve
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