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  1. Since last update, I cannot see anything on my enpass app or the chrome extension. Everything is Black on Black. I was beta tester so I quit the beta testing group and installed the reglular bersion. Same problem. So my Enpass is just unusable. What can I do? Marc
  2. Hello Enpass team, Since V6, I'm unable to use Chrome extension on my Pixelbook (using Chrome OS). I get "Google Chrome OS cannot open this page". Is there a way to fix this issue? Thanks. Marc
  3. Hello, I'm testing Enpass beta in my Pixelbook and so far everything looks good except for the Chrome extension. I just can't make it work. Also it seems there is no "beta" extension to work with the beta version. Can you update me on this? Thanks
  4. Once I put my fingerprint it seems to launch but then it asks for my fingerprint again and then message from Android saying that the app crashed continuously. Please fix ASAP.
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