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  1. UP! Was googling for this and this is the only post I found. Using autofill to generate new passwords and create new accounts would be really helpfull. Any plans for this?
  2. Hi, I bought Enpass for Android and Windows Mobile (2x 10 euro) With the new 6.0 update Windows Mobile version is no longer available? And Desktop now suddenly requires an extra payment... The first is not a problem, I stopped using my Windows Mobile phone. But the second one... I would like to use the premium features on Windows Desktop. Is it possible to transfer the Mobile license to Windows Desktop?
  3. Same thing happend btw when you edit something in "all items". After editing a password and saving it all seems fine, but after a couple of seconds you get redirected to the first item at the top of the list of "all items". And regularly this happends two times in a row. When you click after the first time you get redirected, a second goes by, and your back again at the top op of the list in "all items". Makes it really hard to keep track of your editing work...
  4. @Anshu kumar Any progress with this problem? Sleep mode seems to do something with Enpass on Windows PC. I recently started experiencing that enpass.exe stopped working. After waking my pc up I wanted to open Enpass, it showed me the password screen, but when entering something it totally freezes. Right mouse click on icon to end program gives the message "Enpass.exe is not responding". It requires a reboot of the pc every time to get Enpass to work again.
  5. Dear Enpass, I have a rather annoying issue with the Windows Desktop application. I started changing my old weak passwords. The desktop app shows an "Password Audit" on the left side. Under "Identical" I have several hits. One of which has allmost 50 logins in it. So, I wanted to change them all. Starting from the top, to the bottom. But I came across an annoying bug. Please follow these steps: > Password Audit > Identical > Click certain password with multiple hits > List with logins shows in the middle > Click any login > Change the password for that login and save > Login disappears from list That's all fine. But after that you can do anything you want (start changing the second login of whatever) but the screen allways gets redirected to "All Items". So if you, like me, have 50 or more logins to change, you again have to do these steps > Password Audit > Identical > Click certain password with multiple hits > List with logins shows in the middle > Click any login every damn time after you saved a new password. This is really making a time consuming job even more time consuming. I don't understand why the desktop app redirects me to "all items" after I save a new login/password under "Password Audit > Identical > certain password" Hope you guys understand what I'm trying to explain. If not, please let me know.
  6. I have the same problem and I can recreate it. 1. Put PC in sleep mode 2. Wake PC up 3. Open Edge and try to login 4. Result = connection error edge extension Fix? 1. Close Edge 2. Open Enpass (PC) 3. Open Edge and try to login 4. Result = works
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