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  1. My webdav password has changed (due to the password expiry policy) so enpass sync is failing as it is trying to use the old password.

    so far as to be expected although the error message from Enpass is some obscure error number and could be more helpful (other apps would ask you to re-enter the password in such circumstances).

    However, I am struggling to work out how to tell Enpass the new password withou having to cancel sync and then reenter all the webdab settings from scratch (which with multiple vaults and devices would be an unacceptably cumbersome process)



    p.s. I'm really only usimg webdav as a stop gap whilst waiting for wifi sync to be reinstated. Is there an updated ETA for this?

  2. The Identical Audit groups the Items by password. In each group you would expect to find at least 2 items.

    Howecver, I have a few cases where the group contains only 1 item. Moreover, using the search facility to search by password across all vaults, only finds that one item with that specific password.

    So it would appear that there are false entries in the Identical Audit list.

    Also, having run a pwned check, I change the passwords of those accounts which had been marked pwned. However, one of those is still being listed in the audit, depite the password being changed (using the password generator), and being tagged as Excellent when the item entries are viewed (so again a false entry in the Audit log). Also if you try a Check If pwned on the individual Item it says that it is not pwned.


  3. This seems a very poor business model - there are plenty of people willing to pay for the premium version but for various reasons wish to use the desktop version rather than the store version (including the ability to change the location of where enpass stores its data). So far your response has been to tell potential purchasers that you don't want their money!



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  4. Despite checking the Open Automatically at System Startup, the traditional Windows version of Enpass does not open at start up.

    The store version works fine.

    I've also found the registry entry which the store version creates to Open enpass at startup, and can see this being created and removed when changing the option in the store version settings. However, when trying to change the settings in the traditional version, no registry entry is created\removed.


  5. It also appears that you have to be logged onto the Windows store permanently in order for the premium features to be available.

    To try to minimise the amount of telemetry Microsoft collects, I only log onto Microsoft store when I need to purchase\download an application, and then immediately log out (I'd prefer not to have a Microsoft account at all but unfortunately that hasn't proved possible) - I take issue with the claim that purchasing through Store is anonymous!

    However, if I restart Enpass whilst logged out of Store, it forgets that I have premium features.

    I'm quite happy to pay for premium features - I'm even happy to pay for upgrades (particularly at the current low rates) but Enpass needs to seriously rethink its reliance on Microsoft Store.


  6. I get the random list refresh too - on Windows. Although in my case it is not quite random - it typically happens a few seconds after I've edited or added an entry. This can be very frustrating if I am making multiple changes to an entry, as after making the first change, not only does the list refresh but I lose focus on the entry I am trying to edit so I have to find and re-select it to make the next hange.

    Like you I suspect it is webdav sync related.

    I did report this behaviour during the beta test.

    Like you I think Enpass 6 has potential but I think they rushed the release it isn't quite ready yet. I can understand the pressure to get a release out (it clearly has taken longer than originally anticipated) but it might have been better to have kept 5.6 and 6.0 as parallel supported versions and not pushed auto-updates until 6.1.


  7. Syncing is configured individually for each vault (i.e. if you have configured the primary vault to sync - you still need to configure "sub-vaults" to sync (potentially to different clouds). The sync settings can be found under the vault settings.

    Apologies if you already have done this - but from your description this seems the most likely cause to rule out.


  8. Some further differences:

    6) the Store version only allows you to change the location where backups are stored but not where the main vault database files are stored; the desktop version allows you to change both

    7) the Store version does not work on earlier versions of Windows (e.g. 7), the Desktop version does

    8) the Store version required you to have a Microsoft account, the Desktop version doesn't

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  9. 10 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for writing in.

     I would like to share that Windows Store apps store their data inside app sandbox and it's not possible to change the default location.


    I was initially under that impression, but then discovered that you can change the backup location to outside the sandbox.


    However,  if this is a limitation of the store version, this is another argument for supporting premium features in the desktop version.


  10. A few seconds after adding or editing an entry, the list of all entries in the Vault will refresh with the result that the currently selected entry is deselected.

    This is frustrating if you have just updated a password, and then wish to use that password (i.e. select copy), as the refresh forces you to have to find the entry you've just edited.

    (This might be related to the client performing a sync).


  11. Looking more closely, it seems this sometimes happens when viewing All Vaults but not when the particular Vault is selected. Although in other cases it happens when the particular Vault is selected too.

    It might be related as to whether the entry was archived on the machine doing the audit or archived on a different device (e.g. android) and synced

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