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  1. Hi Abisheck, below are my responses: I used the Android app to set up the One-time Code. I took a picture of the QR code from within the Enpass app and it copied all of the secret text into that field. The text that was copied is similar to this: "otpauth://totp/Raindrop.io:<userid>?secret=<secret>&period=30&digits=6&algorithm=SHA1&issuer=Raindrop.io ." I removed some of the sensitive data and replaced it with <text>. Since I am syncing my Enpass data using Google Drive, I refreshed the vault sync in the Android app and then the Windows app to have this new data flow to Windows. After I noticed the issue with the OTP from the Windows app, I confirmed that the secret text in both apps matches. The time is correct on both my computer and on my phone, with both devices being set to automatic. Both devices are registered with the same email address that is registered for my account here. If you need that info, just let me know. My Enpass account is an Enpass PRO account. I just tested the OTP at https://raindrop.io in Windows and the issue persists. Also, I just tested my OTP for www.bestbuy.com and that one continues to work.
  2. Both devices have the same time right now, so I don't think that's the issue. Plus, none of my other OTP's are having this problem.
  3. Windows 10 version --> 6.90.1466.0 (incorrect PIN from OTP) Android 13 version --> (correct PIN from OTP) Website --> https://raindrop.io/ I've confirmed that both apps have the same OTP secret string, so there may be a problem with the Windows version. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help troubleshoot this, thanks.
  4. Ditto on this. I've locked myself out of at least one online account because of this.
  5. I just played around with this and I think I have a solution. By default, the field "Website" is in the entry and it looks like you cannot add another field of this type. However, you can add multiple "URL" fields and they should behave in the same way as the "Website" field. I tested it on one of my password entries and it worked fine everywhere I was able to use it.
  6. I've been using the extension is Chrome Canary for a while now, probably a few months. Now for some reason, two of the three computers where I use Chrome Canary regularly suddenly stopped working. Now I'm curious why the third computer is still working.
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