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  1. 10 hours ago, leumig said:

    For anyone interested, I wrote a quick script to convert the Enpass 6 JSON export into a CSV. I looked at Safe-in-Cloud but preferred something I can run locally (you just need Node.js)


    I only read in the basic logins, I don't use Enpass for creditcards, etc so I haven't tested for that. It's not perfect but I was able to successfully use it to migrate to Lastpass since V6 is too buggy

    I might come back if it gets better again



    Really great! Might come in handy.

  2. When i click the Use Favicon Button in the settings only some favicons are actually downloaded.

    For the rest of the entries I have to either click the Use Favicon Button in the edit entry menu or change something else and save the entry afterwards, in order to get the favicon.

  3. 1 minute ago, Denoxster said:

    Older IOS enpass6 was uninstalled as it crashing upon launching after later version installed this afternoon, I would like to use enpass6 data if possible as it has most updated data. Currently enpass6 also installed on my win10 laptop but Chrome browser extension broke today.

    What would be best way to restore using enpass6 data instead of 5?

    Sync current Enpass 6 version with Google Drive and restore from Google Drive on the phone

  4. 1 hour ago, Michiel said:

    @Meister, this did solve my issue but created a new one that my sync doesnt work with onedrive. My items from my pc are not synced to my android

    I found the problem the new beta uses "apps\enpass" folder for sync and the android beta is looking at "apps\enpass beta"

    Looks like you are still using the old android beta.

    You need to be a beta tester and install the app from there, the old Beta app is not compatible.

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