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  1. Your're right, didn't notice that. Then I was wrong about the repository being the same as stable, it's just the name of the program then.
  2. Technically no, it is a release candidate, but almost stable. However it's quite strange, that they already pushed it into the main repository, so everybody using the stable version on linux and updating now would also get the RC for Enpass 6.
  3. @x2k13 You need to install enpass instead of enpass-beta. enpass-beta is the old beta, enpass is the new beta: $ sudo apt policy enpass enpass: Installed: Candidate: Version table: *** 500 500 http://repo.sinew.in/testing testing/beta amd64 Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status 5.6.9 500 500 http://repo.sinew.in stable/main amd64 Packages
  4. @Gajender Singh The beta overview page still shows Latest version: However the current one is
  5. @x2k13 @firstwiz Build 149 is the old one! Current beta build is 197 for linux. Also the current chrome extension is, so that's correct. Although on the beta download overview page it states Latest version:, that's wrong. You need to follow the instructions in the link there, since they updated the repository, which will contain the new beta version.
  6. Unfortunately the new beta update did not fix this problem, so you still need to do this workaround. With the new beta however, you will need to to use the application class enpass instead of enpass6.
  7. Meister

    New iOS update?

    While for all other platforms, as Linux, Windows, Mac OS and Android got a new update, the iOS version is still the same from early September. Since Enpass Data is stored in a different way as the older Enpass6 Betas, syncing between old iOS Beta and current Beta on other platforms does not work. Is there going to be an update soon on iOS?
  8. I also can not connect the Windows client to Chrome extension. Also the app itself is WAY more slowly/buggy than the previous release. I jut hope I can get my data out of this mess and switch to Bitwarden.
  9. @GwynBleidD Thanks! Your workaround fixed it for me as well.
  10. Interesting, looks like it's the same issue I currently have:
  11. Yes, I am also quite disappointed, there are still so many bugs and they pretend to have at least some of them fixed already, but there's still no update.
  12. When clicking on the extension icon on the browser on Linux in order to connect it to the Enpass app, I get a popup about an unknown browser trying to connect. However if I click on "Allow", the popup just disappears and nothing happens. Even if i just click besides the button the popup also just disappears. Is there any specific reason, why Enpass thinks I am using an unknown browser? Or is there a way to skip that check? It's just the normal Chrome. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1 with KDE.
  13. Hello @Anshu kumar, I am using the latest Enpass Beta 6.0.0. (149) on Windows 10 Pro. I also experienced the same behaviour with the linux version on Ubuntu 18.04.
  14. On both windows and linux I am experiencing force closes of Enpass after about 30 seconds after unlocking the vault. The issue occured just a few hours ago and certainly has to do with iCloud sync. After I disabled iCloud sync and switched to Google sync there are no force closes anymore.
  15. I also have a Seafile server and tried to use WebDav, got the same error. Let me know if I can assist you in any way.
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