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  1. A reinstall of the extension worked for me, Thanks Anshu
  2. I am seeing this message when attempting to launch the (enpass 6)chrome extension now that I have the store version of enpass 6 installed: Note: I get the same message when enpass 6 is unlocked, I just did not want to take a screenshot with the manager unlocked. If I install an old extension I get this: How do I get around this? Is there a (newer) beta version of the enpass 6 chrome extension as well that I am unaware of? Thanks,
  3. Hi, Since installing the enpass 6 beta I have been running into cases where chrome locks up on launch for over 60 seconds. I have since discovered this is a cumulative effect of 3 settings: OneDrive Being allowed to sync all of Documents: Enpass 6 storing its tmp directory in documents: C:\Users\<user>\OneDrive\Documents\Enpass6-Beta\.sync The Enpass Password Manager extension for Chrome using the .sync directory on launch. The fix is pretty simple in Microsoft OneDrive Settings -> Account -> Choose Folders unselect the enpass directory Since most of my settings were default, I expect others are having the same issue and are not sure how to fix it, hopefully this helps.
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