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  1. If the dev team is willing to point me in the right direction on what part of the services api are in use for registration I'm willing to look into how I can provide equivalent features via MicroG, I suspect cloud messaging is used at the least. Otherwise I can just start running logcat to try to figure out what I need to add, but at that point I would have to move to bitwarden or something in the meantime.
  2. I am using enpass on all my devices except one. I have a phone running GrapheneOS, it does not have google play services. Because of this Enpass crashes if you attempt to login/provide your email (I can import passwords from a cloud provider without issue). This is a problem because without logging into my enpass pro email, enpass only lists 10 passwords. I would request support for GrapheneOS/AOSP Android without play services, or if you can provide me more details on what parts of google play services Enpass is using, I could try to install MicroG or some other Play Services like service to try to get GrapheneOS close enough to Google Android so Enpass will start. Thanks for your time
  3. A reinstall of the extension worked for me, Thanks Anshu
  4. I am seeing this message when attempting to launch the (enpass 6)chrome extension now that I have the store version of enpass 6 installed: Note: I get the same message when enpass 6 is unlocked, I just did not want to take a screenshot with the manager unlocked. If I install an old extension I get this: How do I get around this? Is there a (newer) beta version of the enpass 6 chrome extension as well that I am unaware of? Thanks,
  5. Hi, Since installing the enpass 6 beta I have been running into cases where chrome locks up on launch for over 60 seconds. I have since discovered this is a cumulative effect of 3 settings: OneDrive Being allowed to sync all of Documents: Enpass 6 storing its tmp directory in documents: C:\Users\<user>\OneDrive\Documents\Enpass6-Beta\.sync The Enpass Password Manager extension for Chrome using the .sync directory on launch. The fix is pretty simple in Microsoft OneDrive Settings -> Account -> Choose Folders unselect the enpass directory Since most of my settings were default, I expect others are having the same issue and are not sure how to fix it, hopefully this helps.
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