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  1. Ummm...I didn't supply any email when I purchase Enpass, since I purchase through Google Play. Should I enter the email of my Google account?
  2. Hello, I am a long-term user of Enpass. And I haven't registered an account after you announced the change on the pricing strategy. But on today, I can't access to the premium features anymore. How can I restore it?
  3. I understand your concern. But if you were the executive of the company what will you choose between this: keep the principles of the company but went bankrupt, or break some principles of the company but keep it alive? Company strategy tends to change overtime, you can't force them to stay the same forever. And they never promised us thay'll stay with one-time payment forever either.
  4. My Enpass totally crashed when I unlock Enpass, restore from OneDrive, or restore from a local backup. Therefore I was not able to retrieve my passwords, thus makes my Enpass became useless. Please note that Enpass 6.1 works flawlessly. Video of Windows 10 Version Video of Android Version
  5. I think Enpass is available through the context menu...
  6. Hello guys. I am trying to add tags for my passwords of 300 sites. It is hideous to filter out the entries that have already added tags. Therefore, could you add a function to search for entries that without a tag?
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