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  1. Nov 22 and the same thing is hapenng to me - very unimpressed with enpass and website - they only anser what they THINK YOU WANT not what you asked.
  2. Perhaps instead of different languages we could have an insert option to enter an e acute, german u etc
  3. But how do I enable the new field as sensitive
  4. Hi Garima - I didnt explain myself very well. I want to add more security questions and answers but have the answers hidden. Some sites now want a password, passcode, fav teacher, pets name etc etc. Thats what I need help with please.
  5. How do I add extra security fields so the answers are hidden
  6. I have Enpass on my desktop and Ipad and both were working fine. Somehow I now I have to input my master password 5 times on the ipad before it unlocks Enpass, I only input it once on the desktop version. I have no idea why or even less how to correct it. I am not technical and at a loss with this, any help out there please? Yes I have checked my caps setting, more than once!
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