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  1. The ID password items are displayed in an overlapping manner. I am also in trouble with this problem.
  2. Thanks Pratyush Sharma, It is troublesome to re-install. So I backed it up manually.
  3. It is the latest version of Enpass Ver6.4.1 (642). "Auto Backup" storage location cannot be changed.
  4. Thank you very much. I used the wrong way to use the Microsoft Store. Enpass 6.1.2 (432) has been updated.
  5. Cannot update an app installed from the application store. I want to use enpas 6.1.0(408) → version 6.1.2
  6. 私のEnpass 6.1.0(404)も同じ症状です、Microsoft Storeよりアップデートできないです。 どうしたらアップデートが進むようになりますか?
  7. Please tell me the concrete way to purchase for $ 5.99. ※Download Windows desktop version 6.03 on Enpass site.
  8. Right click copy & paste It is inconvenient because Windows enpass 6.00 can not perform this function.
  9. Enpass Beta (Enpass6) ... Windows Store Ver. Part of Japanese characters garbled.
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