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  1. Thank you Anshu for taking the time to answer my questions. Will follow the procedures you outlined. Skylark
  2. Hello Enpass customer service, I want to upgrade Enpass on my Samsung S8 phone to the pro version to have more than 20 items. But I need to understand some things first. Currently I'm running Enpass traditional 6.0.0 (230) on my Win10 desktop and my Win10 laptop. I had tried the Windows store version but had the blurred and offset user interface problem so went back to 6.0.0 (230). I can sync the Enpass database on Google drive between my desktop and laptop fine with 26 items so far. I do get the pop up saying "There is a newer version available to download, click to upgrade now." But I'm reluctant to upgrade and get the blurry and offset UI problem again. My S8 phone is running Enpass It will only sync 19 items so I guess the limitation is 19 items, not 20 items. I finally figured out how to upgrade Enpass on my phone to the Pro version by clicking the gear icon. But if I pay the $11.99 + tax, will I have to pay again later? I see so many posts that complain about having to pay again when they already paid once. It's VERY confusing. ..... 1. If I upgrade my Win10 desktop and laptop to the newer version, will I get the blurry and offset UI problem again? ..... 2. If I pay the $11.99 + tax to upgrade Enpass on my S8 phone to the pro version, will I have to pay again ever for Enpass on a later model Android phone? Please let me know the correct path to follow. Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to use Enpass to autofill a password for Truecrypt? All Truecrypt asks for is a password. It does not ask for a user name. It does not have a web address associated with it. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi downloaderfan, Is the v6.4.268.0 version you mentioned for Enpass traditional? If so, will just doing an update to my Enpass traditional v6.0.0 (230) get me that version? I've been reluctant to do updates since the one I did screwed up the interface with blurry and mis-aligned text, which forced me to go back to v6.0.0 (230) to get back to normal. Thanks!
  5. I'm using Enpass v6.0.0 (230) on my Win10 tower and laptop PCs syncing with Google Drive. I'm able to sync between those two PC and my android phone that's running the Enpass install from the Google Play Store. Maybe try v6.0.0 (230) on your Win7 PC and see if it works. BTW, do you have the blurry text and mis-aligned text problem using Enpass I had updated my tower PC by clicking the update popup and had those problems so I had to go back to v6.0.0 (230). Don't know which version that update was. Skylark
  6. Still waiting for a reply on how to restore a backup to the hidden file on Google Drive. Enpass provides a way to make a backup of the database, and I see that's there's a way to delete the hidden file on Google Drive (should it get corrupt or whatever). But there's no provision in Enpass to restore the backup as a hidden file on Google Drive that I can find. Please let us know how to restore a backup to Google Drive. Thanks.
  7. I think the wording should be changed to "Load automatically at start up". My traditional version 6.0.0 (230) loads at startup but does not ask for the master password which is fine with me and expected. On first use I have to enter my master password and quick access pin code there after.
  8. If update v6.0.2 does not improve anything, then I might as well stay with v6.0.0 (230). What you said is somewhat what I have gathered by reading the posts. It is very concerning that password management software would have so many problems. Frankly I've only entered logins for 5 websites to test Enpass on my desktop PC and android S8 phone, partly because of the apparent unstable performance I've been reading about. Are you running the Windows Store version to get v6.0.2? I'm reluctant to run the Windows Store version because with the traditional version at least I have a downloaded copy to fall back on should things go west. I assume that with the Windows Store version, it just gets installed without allowing the user to have a downloaded copy. Is that right? Thanks, Skylark
  9. Hey, question for you guys that have problems running version 6.x.x. Do you have problems running Enpass v6.0.0 (230)? I'm a new Enpass user so never tried a previous version. V6.0.0 (230) is working fine for me as far as I can tell, being a new user. I did update v6.0.0 (230) when the update pop up happened, but that update caused the blurry text and mis-aligned text problem so I went back to v6.0.0 (230). Curious to know if others are having problems running v6.0.0 (230). Skylark
  10. Hi Anshu, Vinod already told me about the hidden folder in Google Drive in this thread: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/5699-how-to-change-google-drive-gmail-account/ My question is how to restore a backup on my local hard drive to Google Drive as the hidden backup, should the hidden Enpass file on Google Drive be lost or corrupt. No sense in doing backups if there's no way to restore a backup to Google Drive. Thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated. Skylark
  11. Is there a way to set Enpass to autofill login to two pages? IOW, the username is on page-1 and the password is on page-2. In Keepass, there is a dialog that allows the user to change the .... normal log in: {username}{tab}{password}{Enter} .... to two page login: {username}{enter}{delay 1000}{password}{enter} Does a similar dialog exist in Enpass? If not, what's the best way to use Enpass to autofill two page logins?
  12. Am running Enpass traditional 6.0.0 (230) on two Win 10 PCs. .... 1. Tower PC with 2560 x 1440 res monitor. Win10 display scaling set to 175%. .... 2. Laptop PC with 1920 x 1080 res screen. Win10 display scaling set to 175%. Problem is that when Enpass is first opened, it opens with its window too high so the title bar is mostly off the top of the screen. I enter my master password and Enpass opens but the title bar is still mostly off the top of the screen. The bottom edge of the title bar is just barely on screen so that I can guess where the "maximize" button on the bar is and click there and then the Enpass window displays fully on the screen. This problem happens on both my tower PCs monitor and my laptop's screen. Even if I set Win10's display scaling to 100%, the problem still happens. Please fix this issue. BTW, when I did the Enpass update, the blurry and mis-aligned text problem happened. So I went back to version 6.0.0. Has the update for Enpass traditional been fixed? Thank you, Skylark
  13. Am running Enpass 6.0.0 on a Windows 10 PC. My Enpass database is a hidden file on Google Drive. I see there's auto backups and found how to save a manual backup, (I assume it's from the hidden file on Google Drive), but I can't find a restore function to restore the backup to the hidden file on Google Drive. How is that done? Thanks, Skylark
  14. Finally got Enpass to sync using keyfile for my 2 PCs and phone. Enpass is not consistent with the UI for changing the master password on the phone vs on the desktops. The main problem found was on my S8 phone: On the desktops, when entering the new password twice, there is an "Advanced" bar at the bottom (which by the way is easy to miss since it is at the extreme bottom and is light gray). Advanced gives the opportunity to generate or choose the keyfile. Make the "Advanced" bar green or something obvious! On the phone, there is no "Advanced" bar what so ever. This is why I missed it previously. To tell Enpass to use a keyfile, one must tap the 3 dots at the upper right which then opens the window that allows choosing the keyfile. This needs to be changed! Be consistent! Put an "Advanced" bar on the phone like on the desktop! No first user of Enpass would ever know that the keyfile selection is opened by tapping the 3 dots at the upper right. Once I got my phone working with the keyfile, then I set up Enpass on my laptop with the keyfile. My procedure for lurkers was: Disconnect all computers and phones from the cloud. Setup the tower PC by generating a keyfile. Sync to Google Drive. Copy the keyfile to the laptop and phone. Setup the phone with the keyfile and sync to Google Drive. I did the phone before my laptop since the phone is harder to figure out how to use the keyfile. Change the user name in one of my entries using my tower PC. Check if the change is reflected on my phone. It was. Setup my laptop with the keyfile and sync to Google Drive. Check to see if the user name change is reflected on my laptop. It was. ANOTHER PHONE UI PROBLEM: In Enpass on my two windows PCs, checking "Security" shows an option that says: "[ ] Remember the location of last used keyfile." This is how to tell if Enpass is using a keyfile. BUT on my S8 phone, there is no such entry in "Security". It appears that, that option is not on the phone since Enpass tries to make the phone easier to use by not making the user have to choose the keyfile. But this is inconsistent. it should be the same on the phone as it is on the desktops. Currently there is no way that I can see to verify on the phone that it is using a keyfile other than the fact that sync with Google drive works. But what if sync with Google Drive stops working? We need a way to verify sync with the cloud is enabled. Be consistent! Enpass really needs to make a tutorial video showing how to set everything up and how to use autofill on websites. The current way is to force the "potential" user to dig, dig, dig, experiment, experiment, screw up, screw up, and then give up. It takes much perseverance to get everything working. I bet many, many people gave up on Enpass and went to another password manager that is easier to set up. As it is, it took me about a week of persistent Googling and experimenting, and I mean most of every day since I'm retired, to get Enpass working on 2 PCs and 1 phone. (Though I did try keepass when I had problems with Enpass during the week.) I plan to use Enpass if it keeps working (now that I think I know how to set it up), and I hope that the user base grows so that Enpass will be around forever. Make the tutorial video! Skylark
  15. Hi Vinod, After sleeping on it, I think I figured out what happened yesterday in trying to sync my two Win10 PCs and my S8 phone with Google Drive using a keyfile. Trying to sync my S8 phone removed the keyfile requirement that I had set up on my tower PC and laptop. Here's what happened: 1. First I generated a keyfile using my tower PC and synced it with my Google Drive account. 2. Then I copied the keyfile to my laptop and phone. 3. Then I changed my master password on my laptop choosing the keyfile that I just copied, using the "Resolve" button, and synced it to Google Drive. 4. So far everything is OK. 5. Then I changed my password on my S8 phone but it did not ask me to choose the keyfile and it synced to Google Drive OK. I was waiting for it to ask for the keyfile but it never did. 6. Then I found that my laptop did not ask to choose a keyfile when I closed and opened Enpass. It only asked for the master password. I believe now that my procedure on my phone removed the keyfile requirement on the database on Google Drive, but I did not realize that at the time. I kept fooling with Enpass on my laptop for a long time unsuccessfully. 7. All this time, I would close Enpass on my tower PC and open it again and it always asked for the password and to choose the keyfile, so I thought that Enpass on my tower PC was OK. 8. Finally I added a new login on my tower PC and then checked Enpass on my laptop. I clicked "Sync Now" and it synced BUT the new entry was not shown on the laptop. WHAT? 9. So I checked the "Sync Now" on my tower PC and it said it was not synced in red letters. WHAT? All this time when I closed Enpass and opened it, it asked for my master password and choose keyfile and Enpass would open normally. But it was not synced with Google Drive and I had no way of knowing that. I resynced my tower PC and then checked my laptop and the new entry appeared on my laptop. BUT now when I close and open Enpass on my tower PC, it only asks for the master password and no longer asks to choose the keyfile. So my tower PC and laptop are syncing without the keyfile now. Arggggg! 8. Sleeping on it lat night, it dawned on me that trying to setup the keyfile on my S8 phone in step-5 must have removed the keyfile requirement on the database in Google Drive and my laptop and tower PCs lost the keyfile requirement. Everything went down hill from there! Why didn't my S8 phone have the "choose keyfile" option when I changed the master password, even though the database had the keyfile requirement set by my tower PC? Enpass on the phone did warn that the database would be changed but since I had copied the keyfile from my tower PC to the phone, I assumed at the time that somehow the phone knew that since it did not ask to choose the keyfile. I'm going to give Enpass one last try today knowing the above and see what happens. Any advice you can give will be appreciated.
  16. Hi Vinod, Use of keyfile on my tower PC is straight forward and fine but strange things are happening with use of keyfile on my Win10 laptop and android phone. In summary: ....a) My tower PC always asks for password and keyfile after Enpass is closed and opened again and it syncs fine with Google Drive which is fine and expected. ....b) My laptop asked for the keyfile and it synced with Google Drive but later it no longer asks for the keyfile. ....c) My phone did not even ask for the keyfile but it synced with Google Drive and never asks for the keyfile. 1. Then I added a new login to a forum to Enpass on my tower PC. That change was not reflected on my laptop. 2. I disconnected sync on my Tower PC, my laptop and my phone. 3. I did a "Sync Now" on my tower PC and my laptop and both said "Last synchronized: a few seconds ago". 4. But the new login that I added to Enpass on my tower PC is not reflected on my laptop. I fooled with trying to get sync to work between my tower PC, laptop and phone all day but have not been successful. I have given up trying to get sync using a keyfile to work. I'm reluctant to use a password manager that doesn't have working keyfile synchronization for a database on the cloud.
  17. Hi Vinod, Thanks for your quick reply! I'll try what you suggested and report results.
  18. I'm also unable to sync with Google Drive using my android oreo S8 phone since I set Enpass in my tower PC to use a keyfile. Enpass in phone used to sync OK with Google Drive when password only was used, but not since using a keyfile on my tower PC. When I try to sync, Enpass says: SYNC WITH "None". I tap None and then tap "Google Drive. An error says: "Error The sync with Google Drive was canceled by the user." EDIT: After hours of searching, I finally found a post that said: "I am getting error “Sync canceled by the user” on android. How can I fix it? It seems you are using Firefox as your default browser. Please follow these steps to fix this problem. Open Firefox -> Settings -> General ->Tab Queue -> Disable it. Now enable sync in Enpass." That worked and I was then able to try to sync with Google Drive. But the same error as on my laptop comes up. Says "Invalid master password or keyfile." So far only my Win10 tower PC can sync with Google drive using password and keyfile. But not my laptop or S8 phone. Need help.
  19. I'm running Enpass 6.0.0 traditional on my tower and laptop PCs. I was able to sync Enpass on my (Win10 tower PC), (Win10 laptop) and (android oreo S8 phone) to my Google Drive account using password only. Now I'm trying add keyfile authentication. 1. So on my tower PC I use Enpass' change password function (but I use the same password) and then generate a keyfile. Sync with Google Drive works. When I close Enpass and open it again, it asks for my master password and the keyfile. I do both and Enpass opens fine. When I check synchronization, sync with Google Drive is fine. 2. Then I copy the keyfile from my tower PC to my laptop. 3. Next on my laptop I use Enpass' change password function (but I use the same password) but this time I select "Choose Keyfile" (instead of "Generate Keyfile") and I choose the keyfile that I copied from my tower PC in step-2. The change password works. But the sync says "Sync Error - Password of data on Google Drive is required." 4. I disconnect both my tower PC and laptop from Google Drive. Then I reconnect the tower PC and it syncs fine. But when I reconnect my laptop, the same error msg as in step-3 displays. 5. I unistalled Enpass from my laptop and installed it again as a new user. But I still get the "Sync Error - Password of data on Google Drive is required." message. I'm using the default keyfile suffix of .enpasskey for the keyfile. I'm using the same master password on both PCs. The clock on both PCs are set to "Set time automatically=ON", "Set time zone automatically=On", Time zone is same on both PCs. What am I doing wrong? What's the procedure to sync two Win10 PCs to Google Drive using a password and keyfile? Thank you for your help.
  20. OK, now I have another question about the hidden Enpass database on Google Drive. 1. How can I download a copy to save a copy as backup? Thanks, Skylark
  21. I'm a new user of Enpass. Been experimenting with using a keyfile for more security since my Enpass database will be stored and synced on Google Drive. The default suffix for Enpass' keyfile is "*.enpasskey". If my home PC is stolen or I lose my phone, all the hacker has to do is search for "*.enpasskey" and he will find my keyfile. Then he can proceed to try to crack my Enpass password using the correct keyfile. This will apply to all users of Enpass who use a keyfile with the default suffix. However, I've found that the name and suffix of the keyfile does not matter. It can be renamed to bingo.dll or bingo.jpg or whatever and Enpass will use it as its keyfile as long as the user points to the correct file. This is a really good thing for added security as it would be difficult for a hacker to determine which file is actually the user's keyfile. MY REQUEST: When opening Enpass for the first time after a Windows 10 boot up, the password screen shows: "Master Password" "Choose Keyfile" When I click "Choose Keyfile", it opens Win10's file explorer. I click the proper folder but I can't see "bingo.dll" since Enpass has set the default viewing suffix to "*.enpasskey". It takes two extra clicks to see the "bingo.dll" file. ... ie: click the down arrow and then click "all files (*)". Could you please change the opening password screen to show: "Master Password" "Choose Keyfile - normal" -or- "Choose Keyfile - advanced". "Choose "keyfile - normal" will set the default suffix to "*.enpasskey". "Choose "Keyfile - advanced" will set the default suffix to "all files (*)" This would be such an easy thing for you guru programmers and would make Enpass even more secure by allowing advanced users to rename their keyfile to any name they want and still be able to see it easily when first opening Enpass. BTW, after trying keepass and keepass2android, I much prefer Enpass. Thanks, Skylark
  22. I've never used a password manager before. I'm a new user of Enpass (running traditional 32bit) and had only set up log ins for 4 of the forums that I visit. I used my existing passwords in Enpass for testing, instead of having Enpass generate the complex passwords. So I was still able to log in to those 4 websites manually without using Enpass when the update happened that messes up the user interface. QUESTION: How are you long time users of Enpass that have the unusable high dpi scaling problem logging in to your different websites? Did you make a printout of all of your complex passwords and are using it? I didn't want to make an un-encrypted printout of all of my passwords and instead just rely on Enpass backups but now I realize that if a version of Enpass renders it unusable, then I would be screwed with just backups. Alternative plan?
  23. 1/5/19 I removed the latest version of Enpass that screwed up the Enpass user interface display. Deleted the Enpass folder in C:\user\username\documents. Restarted my PC. Installed Enpass traditional v6.0.0 (230) Now the user interface looks good again and everything is working normally.
  24. Hi Vinod, Thank you for your quick response. I did what you said and yes, I do see "Enpass - Hidden app data: 80 KB". In a way, now that you pointed out how it works, I kinda like that the data is hidden. That much more security. Thanks again, Skylark
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