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  1. Hi Garima, i was happy to see the new update today. Unfortunately the issue above seems not to be solved. i am looking forward to a solution cu
  2. Hello guys, any news on this? The annoyance is still there... In addition: during homeoffice i used a windows computer as well. The effect ONLY takes place un der Mac Os. cu
  3. Hello Garima, thx, for coming back. It happens to the internal IPs , etc. I have made a small clip. If you would like to see it, let me know how I can send it to you. cu
  4. Hi Pratyush, thx for your support. Here are my informations: Macbook Pro Mac Os 10.15.4 (same happens with 10.14.x) Enpass Version 6.4.2 Procedure: 1. Browsing to the IP of my Fritzbox 2. type in my password (not stored in enpass) and confirm (enter) - screenshot 1 3. enpass assistant comes up - screenshot 2
  5. Hello, i have the same behaviour on my Mac even when there is only one matching item. It seems the automatic fill is broken when there is more than one vault (i have two). Is there a way to get this solved? thx
  6. Hi Guys, it is really annoying. Every time when i log in e.g to my router or raspberry the assistant starts and asks for authentication. What for? Even when i mark the ip address to be ignored for automatic saving or disabling the automatic saving for new entries, this dialogue comes up. Am i missing something? How can i disable this? thx
  7. Same here. This Update is a step back regarding browser extensions, because of the missing shortcut. Please fix it!
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