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  1. I like the “3 weeks later” label from their own bug tracker I advise everyone to go and report enpass at Apple or wherever you purchased it. Ask for refund.
  2. Thanks. Normally this is the last time I hear from you guys. We'll see
  3. Looks like it pops up every time enpass locks itself. Completely unusable like this. This thing is getting worse by the week.
  4. Enpass and extension 6.8.4 Safari Version 16.1 (18614. Ventura 13.0 (22A380) Seems like it's not webpage specific, it can happen everywhere, also on this page (https://discussion.enpass.io) I'll attach a screenshot when I see it next time. Refresh doesn't seem to trigger it every time.
  5. New tab, open a webpage, enpass pops up with 2 (!) windows and I should authenticate. Why? Nobody asked it to do anything. I just opened a webpage. Why do I have to authenticate and open enpass for this?
  6. Why is there no update on a bug after many months?
  7. Again, support is basically non existent. I'll keep on spreading the word that this is not worth buying, until you actually start fixing issues.
  8. I know this. But this is exactly the bug report here. I know I have a login for this site, but probably the domain doesn't match. I should see the domain that the application provided, so that I can manually enter that to Enpass. Maybe this is more clear?
  9. Currently I can't know what enpass was looking for. I could fix it if it would be shown as text on screen Should be about 5 minutes to fix
  10. Thanks, great to hear it will be considered whenever possible.
  11. Not sure if I waited enough. Any news on this?
  12. Thanks for your input. * Current macOS with newest patches * Enpass 6.8.2 from Mac App Store (this data cannot be copied easily/at all, can it be improved?) Saving the web form doesn't seem to work. I don't have that option above Quit Enpass. I'm using the safari extension, the documentations seems to use something else.
  13. 1. go to https://netbank.takarekbank.hu 2. choose VICA 3. username cannot be filled This is not the usual user/pass combo here, but it's the same username as the other option would use. Is there a way to configure it manually somehow?
  14. Hey, it still doesn't work on my device 1.5 years after reporting. Please share a video on how to export Chrome Passwords to Enpass on iOS.
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