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  1. Thanks, great to hear it will be considered whenever possible.
  2. Not sure if I waited enough. Any news on this?
  3. Thanks for your input. * Current macOS with newest patches * Enpass 6.8.2 from Mac App Store (this data cannot be copied easily/at all, can it be improved?) Saving the web form doesn't seem to work. I don't have that option above Quit Enpass. I'm using the safari extension, the documentations seems to use something else.
  4. 1. go to https://netbank.takarekbank.hu 2. choose VICA 3. username cannot be filled This is not the usual user/pass combo here, but it's the same username as the other option would use. Is there a way to configure it manually somehow?
  5. Hey, it still doesn't work on my device 1.5 years after reporting. Please share a video on how to export Chrome Passwords to Enpass on iOS.
  6. Why are you guys so lazy and not do anything for the paying customer? I have been giving you bad ratings tweets and posts because of this for the last year. Time to start doing something!
  7. When I start the app and I have to enter the master password or use touch ID, currently I have to manually click on the touchID button. It would be faster for us TouchID users if the default would be TouchID, and it could be cancelled if someone wants to use the long and complicated master password
  8. I'm actually considering reporting the developer in the Apple Store. Also money back will be a topic, this is useless, my issues are just being ignored for months.
  9. Months later, no useful input from the devs.. I was right when I had my concerns buying software from India...
  10. Don't hold your breath. Enpass developers are the slowest. Maybe Google's Android people are worse.
  11. What do you mean? What should I share? The issue is in this thread.
  12. Ping.. I, as a paying customer, am not really satisfied with the support. It takes ages for any reply, and fixing issues is not the strong side of the team either.
  13. Current stable versions from the store. Chrome 76 and iOS 12.4
  14. 1. Go in Chrome to passwords, choose export, select "Copy to Enpass". 2. Nothing happens
  15. When entering the master password, cmd-backspace doesn't clear the field as it would be expected from any text field. Expected: clears the box for reentering the password after a known typo
  16. Well the visual focus seems to have been improved. But the actual focus is not fixed! I need to press enter/return 2 times, or press an arrow key to actually start the item. This app feels like some open source project guys. Not something we're paying for. Weeks and months of reply from support, if any. Very unsatisfied altogether!
  17. If I have Enpass in the Mac Menubar (Settings->General), then it works mostly nice. But If I don't want to have it in the Menubar (I don't need it sitting there, I need the space), then whenever I press the shortcut to fill in webpage date, following happens: 1. new browser tab opens 2. waiting for 5 seconds 3. need to enter master password 4. Enpass minimizes and has an extra window open which I don't want
  18. thanks! update: Not MacOS specific, linux as well
  19. "For security reasons, Enpass never automatically fills the details in a webpage until the user triggers the autofill action (Press the Shortcut or Click the item from Assistant)" -> It is the first action in my list: I did press the shortcut, so I DO want to have the data filled. And it would be correctly filled if I didn't have to enter the password (e.g. after restart) macOS 10.14.4 Chrome Enpass 6.0.7 (336) -> would be great if this would be selectable text to copy&paste extension: Version 6.0.1
  20. Use case after macOS restart: * press autofill shortcut on a webpage * need to enter master password * the selection screen is presented, instead of actually filling in the password
  21. Press cmd+t to get a new tab, then press cmd+/ for Enpass helper. Nothing happens. When on (almost) any other page, the same shortcut works fine.
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