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  1. Christof

    Open multiple vaults

    As much as I wait for this feature, for now we manage multiple password stores with Enpass Portable. It's only half the fun since browser integration is bound to the main Enpass instance but for us it's still better than the cloud solutions and the very 1980's KeyPass look and feel. Btw: I'm still a huge fan of this approach:
  2. Christof

    Open multiple vaults

    +1 Would be a great solution
  3. Christof

    Hardware token support

    As an alternative to the master password hardware tokens (YubiKey, smart card) should be supported. Some YubiKeys (e.g. Neo) support not only U2F or OTP but can also store PGP and X.509 certificates (and private keys). This could be used to decrypt the password store and if the token is removed the vault gets locked but one can still use the master password. Compared to 2FA this works perfectly well with the offline concept of Enpass. And it would also support those who yearn for a short PIN alternative (like myself) w/o compromizing security.
  4. Christof

    Open multiple vaults

    Including another vault as a folder would be great. Then one should be able to decide whether the master vault should store the sub-vaults password or not. If the password is stored this would be the share-with-team/family-members use case. However, if the password is not stored one can keep there the really secure notes (like the list of potential presents for your wife) and private pages (the ones that should not pop up when the kids and fathers-in-law tamper with your computer) w/o compromising usablity for the day-to-day entries.
  5. Christof

    Store Attachments in the Vault

    +1 When storing the attachments as separate files (which is certainly preferable) also the filenames should be obfuscated.