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  1. Hi, This is iOS v17.4.1, Firefox v125.1 and https://accounts.google.com
  2. That's my point and as I said in the OP, there's no Enpass listed under subscriptions.
  3. hi, Google has recently updated how their gmail web login looks (and functions?) and since then Enpass is no loger able to autofill the web login (not gmail app) using Firefox on iOS. It only affects the email address. The password does work if I manually input the email address. Please fix as I do login to gmail pretty often.
  4. Hi, I got an email notification from Apple that my iOS Premium subscription is due for renewal and I want to cancel - I already have a Lifetime Pro plan - but there is no way to do it. The link the email doesn't work and under "Subscriptions" in my Apple account there's no sign of Enpass. How do I cancel an iOS subscription?
  5. I can confirm that the above solves it, however I agree with @bunnyhero that this is a concerning laps of QC. Password managers need to have a higher standard of quality due to the importance of what they do. Loss of passwords on any level is not acceptable! Enpass is now on my "watchlist" of things to consider changing. Any more problems and will likely lose me as a "Pro" customer.
  6. I’ve also tried this. Renaming the Dropbox file makes no difference to the desktop app. The mobile apps complain that they’ve lost access, but the desktop ap is completely unaware of anything. Deleting the app and reinstalling makes no difference either. Please can we have an old version of the desktop app (e.g. v6.7.x) to use instead? Clearly the Dropbox connectivity is broken.
  7. How can I ensure that the passwords on my mobile device are up to date if it won't sync with my desktop? I know at least one password that isn't up to date. There's also nothing to screenshot as no error is produced. The problem is the *lack* for *anything* occuring when trying to synchronise with Dropbox. Any other suggestions?
  8. Noticed in the last few days that Enpass on the desktop is unable to sync with dropbox. Nothing happens when I click the sync button, despite a newer version of the vault being there from a change I made on my phone. I even can't disconnect the sync from dropbox in Enpass. When I click disconnect in Enpass a window pops-up to confirm, but when I click the 'disconnect' button nothing changes. Please help sort this out as I'm worried that lots of my passwords are now out of sync, as I don't know how long this has been happening for. Mac specs: M1 Macbook Pro, macOS 12.6. Enpass Pro: v6.8.3 (1153)
  9. Exactly my sentiment. On upgrade the sync broke instantly and then I found out I had to *pay* for an existing feature in v5 (TouchID on MacOS). So, actually v6 has LESS THAN ZERO benefits for me. Am sticking with v5 for the forseeable future.
  10. https://www.enpass.io/support/where-can-i-download-older-version-of-enpass/
  11. Don't use v6. Delete it and download v5 from https://www.enpass.io/support/where-can-i-download-older-version-of-enpass/ v6 is buggy as hell and itsn't ready for general use. Plus, it the Mac version is now behind the Windows one with v6.0.3 having been released with a bunch of fixes.
  12. I've noticed in v6 that generating prounceable passwords with Uppercase and digits always results in the first character of the whole password being upper case and the last character being a number. Whereas, in v5 the digits are added to the ends of each of the words and the Uppercase characters are randomly on the first or last character of any the words. The v5 behaviour is better IMO. Example: Correct-horse-battery-staple9 <- v6 correct0-horse4-2Battery-Staple <-v5
  13. Thanks. That information needs to be in the app not in a FAQ e.g. as well as the "Learn more" link have a "Have you upgraded from v5? Click here" option. I'm sticking with v5 as I don't want to lose TouchID functionality on the Mac and v6 looks to be still quite buggy. Edit: Actually, your response doesn't fit with my experience. On the Mac I didn't need to download my data, v6 was able to update it seemlessly - although I did notice it lost the sync to DropBox. It was only on Windows 10 I got this error. Why the difference? Likewise, a colleague was able to upgrade to v6 transparently on windows (a mix of win7 and win10) whilst also using DropBox. How come it worked fine for him? There's something inconsistent going on here.
  14. OK. Thanks for letting me know. I had no way of knowing that was what you'd done. A notification or a message would have been helpful.
  15. What the hell? My post from last night has been deleted! It was here. It was a perfectly genuine issue regarding the inability of enpass 6 to sync with Dropbox. Are support not actually wanting to do support for v6 despite it being broken for me? I've been a strong supporter of enpass for several years and have encouraged family, friends and work colleagues to use it. This is not a good sign.
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