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    Enpass v6 rollout - a collossal failure

    Unfortunately doesn’t help iOS users. Can you advise if the vault still works (ie is structurally coherent)
  2. The restriction behind this is that they stupidly chose to use the most restrictive set of file permissions which prevents sharing of the file from the file sharing service
  3. WonderPass

    Enpass v6 rollout - a collossal failure

    A total failure and destructive. Box sync removed without warning. I now have six local vaults all fragmenting away from a common truth. allegedly will be replaced by 31st Jan. this is will result in 31 days of 6 vaults diverging. Completely destroying my data. Add to this the p—poor shared vault architecture and the whole thing is a fragmented disaster now. I hate 1Password but I’m going to have to go back to it. That is how bad this rollout has been for me.
  4. This architecture of one vault per cloud service and the insistence on using non shareable folders fails to take account of how actual users work in the real world and offloads complexity unnecessarily into the user instead of working out the appropriate application architecture to support actual use cases. Multiple vaults as implemented is not workable in the real world. As a user I refuse to setup another Dropbox account in order to share vaults with my family because Enpass has setup a deficient application architecture.