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  1. I also really like Enpass ---> and can't wait for it to be Native on Apple Silicon M1 (hug)
  2. Hi @Ankur Gupta, thank you for replying to this topic/thread... I would like some further explanations from you on the security details / model... Specifically since it was not tested by ISE, is Enpass ALSO vulnerable on Windows and Mac in the areas discussed in this article: https://threatpost.com/1password-dashlane-keepass-and-lastpass/142037/ THANK YOU. Sincerely, Emmanuel.
  3. well I look forward to those - any idea when should they hit my iPhone? or the Mac?
  4. FYI, the Desktop v6.0.2 of Enpass still does not work with WebDAV for which I submitted a demo account ;( and now that iOS v6.0.2 of Enpass is out - it does not work either
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