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  1. well I look forward to those - any idea when should they hit my iPhone? or the Mac?
  2. FYI, the Desktop v6.0.2 of Enpass still does not work with WebDAV for which I submitted a demo account ;( and now that iOS v6.0.2 of Enpass is out - it does not work either
  3. Merlin

    WEbDav Problems

    Update to v6.0.2 on Mac OS X still NOT working - 1st Sync, says: Sync Error No data found on Webdav, then I hit Resolve Now and then Continue and it says Last Synchronized: a few seconds ago... if I hit Sync now again, it's back to Sync Error No data found on Webdav, and if I hit Resolve Now and then Continue and it's back to saying: Last Synchronized: a few seconds ago... ---------------------------------- I of course check the WebDav location via SFTP and the data is there the entire time so still messed up with improving slightly at least no longer crashing during sync? Cheers, M.
  4. Merlin

    WEbDav Problems

    HI StefanT, I received this the next day after submitting a test account: "Thanks for providing demo account. Yes, we encountered problems with it. We are on it and fix these. It has been a bit late and fix won't be available in tommorow's update. It will be part of next week's update. " So, while I understand it's frustrating, I think they are actively working on it... maybe your fix will be in tomorrow's update if you are lucky otherwise next weeks Cheers, M.
  5. Merlin

    WEbDav Problems

    Hi there, iOS update to v6.0.1 isn't working for me either with a Sync Error - No data found even though I checked via SFTP and there is a vault.enpassdbsync file in that location! I emailed support about it... and they said there should be a fix on top of v6.0.1 coming soon [cross-fingers] Looking forward to an actually working v6.x because as is, really can't use it yet and I'd really like to Complaint of Sync aside, version 6 is DEFINITELY an improvement on version 5
  6. Merlin

    WEbDav Problems

    Sorry to chime in here as well but I don't have the wrong Webdav URL as it is working fine if I paste the URL in a web browser and yet Enpass 6 OS X crashes as soon as it tries to Sync [I got to settings right away and it's fine until it starts Synching and then dies/crashes] and the Enpass 6 iOS version shows Synchronizing.. [spinning circle] which never goes away - even after 10 minutes - I tried it once...Used to work fine under Enpass 5.x - I definitely prefer the functionality/design of 6 but without synching :/ very little use for me ;( also I wrote it to support because Pro isn't being understood for iOS / Restore Purchase by the app even though I am signing in with the same AppleID btw when you try to submit a reply here when using Safari: Forbidden - Browser appears to be a spambot?!? not ideal...
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