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  1. Yes, absolutely! Make yourself a concept, what would be best and most comfortable for you and then look for software that fits to that concept. But accusing the DEV team or the community only because you don't have a concept for yourself is not very nice. Multiple vaults could be a solution for you and while Enpass doesn't have that option, look for Password managers which do. Then have two password safes, one for you, one for your partner. Having to logout and login again is just the nature of shared devices or rather say accounts. Because you could also have two Windows/ Unix accounts and switch between them. As long as you don't log out from your OS account, the sessions are stored and you even don't have to log out your browser sessions.
  2. Hi @Anshu kumar, Thank you very much for the quick reply yesterday. In the evening I tried your steps and collected the exact error messages and logs. I sent them to you via email. (Just saw I already have a reply - wow you guys are fast ) My mistake, I actually meant "restore" via WiFi. However I didn't try that yesterday and concentrated more on Webdav and restoring the vault from the correct folder on the smartphone. So I don't know the exact error message for now. If I find the time to test it again, I will share this info with you here. Best regards, Kristian
  3. Hi, can you provide some tips, how to solve this problem? My girlfriend has the same problem with her Android Phone on Version 4.4.2. She uses the latest version (5.4.0) of the Enpass App. Whatever we tried, we can't get her password vault restored on her phone. So first of all we tried to do a webdav sync (SSL) and an error occurs, that Enpass can't establish a connection to the server. We then tried to create a backup on the PC, copy the backup to the SD-Card of the Phone via USB and restore it with the option "Restore from local storage" (don't know exact phrase in english language), but again it failed. The error message was: "Couldn't load password vault". The third method we tried was sync via Wifi and this failed as well. Everything should be configured correctly, as I can sync my Enpass password vault via webdav at home, from anywhere on my Windows Phone and also on my office laptop at work. If you have any hint where to look at and how to find out what's wrong, I'd be really happy. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi everyone, This topic (missing key file) actually lead me to this forum. This one is my biggest concern about using Enpass as well and it keeps my colleagues and even my family from using Enpass. Could you please prioritize this feature request higher? I'm actually planning to convince my hole family to use Enpass instead of Keypass. However while my whole family is very security-focused (thank god) they won't switch to Enpass without the support of key files. Even though Enpass has so many advantages in regards to usability and comfort, which is actually perfect for my mother (who always struggles with technology). Really a lot more people would switch to Enpass if it supports key files in addition to the master password to access the main vault. Please, please, let it come very soon!
  5. I really like this idea! This would give me so much comfort in regards to handle multiple vaults and only having one Enpass instance to open and only enter one password for my main vault. Very good idea in my opinion and I hope this one will be considered. Multiple vaults are missing so much right now. However I don't want to have multiple Enpass windows. It will only result in always searching the correct (currently needed) window. I'd rather like to have tabs in my main window then. Just mentioning so that no time is wasted for creating multiple vault support via multiple instances of Enpass. And furthermore to explain why I like the quoted idea so much.
  6. I would like to have more influence in the security as well and configure iterations. Another up-vote from me. Additionally I would love to have the option to define the encryption bit size as well. While it's currently 256 bit AES, I always like to go the extra mile and increase the standard value - probably 512 here. And yes, I definitely don't mind to trade-off performance. Especially because my PCs (the only devices I use Enpass on) are very powerful. Please give us more options to increase the security by our own. I like the idea to have an "Expert Settings" tab. Best regards, Kristian
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