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  1. I'm using enpass version on linux, and this feature would be really appreciated. Whenever I am making an edit on an item and then click 'save', the same thing happens, but it also happens after just viewing the item..
  2. thanks gargolito, this fixed it for launching here on the same ubuntumate.. the only thing I have to do is throw in a custom .desktop file xdg-desktop-menu install user-mycustom-enpass.desktop .. for the time I'll be having this as a workaround until this gets patched.
  3. I can confirm that Enpass 6 doesn't run on Ubuntumate 17.10 here, I'll be letting this thread notify me of things I can try with my system as well.. works great on 3 debian stretch workstations so I know the enpass team have been doing a great job thanks happy new year btw
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