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  1. OK! You win, I give up... This whole "shouting into the abyss" thing has been fun, but I need to get back to work, so I'm outta here! Peace! P.S. For anyone who might be interested, I went ahead and switched to Myki. It works well with the way I use my phone, and it has a multi user management feature (for a monthly subscription). If it works as well as they say, I might roll it out for the whole staff.
  2. Wake up, Enpass!! This is a valid complaint! You cannot deny that you've taken features that we paid for and hidden them behind a new paywall. Here's a suggestion: Have Microsoft generate a stack of $5.99 redemption codes for you. Release an e-mail or a webform that we can use to send you request and a .pdf copy of our original order details from our Microsoft account. Assign an intern to review the requests and issue codes via reply e-mail. You've already lost whatever revenue you were expecting from us. Do you really want to lose our trust and referrals?
  3. An excellent idea! Instead of throwing good money after bad, I've just downloaded Myki. It comes with fingerprint unlock and dark theme right out of the box. Their revenue comes from corporate accounts, so the app is free with pro upgrades capped out at $7. The keychain database is stored only on my cellphone. The pc requests passwords as needed from the cell. There's a password generator, password security audit, and backup/restore functions. I'm struggling a little with the import function, but they certainly have potential. They're definitely worth checking out.
  4. This is not a contract dispute, it's a PR PROBLEM for Enpass, and a little bit of legalese in a EULA isn't going to protect them from the wrath of an angry, irrational customer base. They're lucky this hasn't spread to social media yet. If they don't act quickly, they're going to find that the cost to repair their reputation could far outweigh any revenue they generate.
  5. I hope you're being sarcastic, because I certainly was. The last thing I want to see is a subscription model. The idea that I could buy once and never have to worry about renewing to avoid losing access is what originally attracted me to Enpass. Unfortunately, that seems to no longer be the case...
  6. Unfortunately, after reading your other recent post, I have to disagree with your assessment of the situation. Their business model has always been "pay for each platform separately because we have separate development costs for each platform". That hasn't changed. I agree with it and have happily spent nearly $40 putting 2 users on 2 platforms each. What has changed is now they're saying "We don't give a damn about your old license. Microsoft stuck it to us, so we're going to stick it to you and make you re-purchase these features".
  7. *Lifetime License not valid for Windows mobile/UWP/modern customers I bought the "Lifetime" License from the windows store because I wanted to support windows mobile and UWP development. I stuck with you when you abandoned mobile. I even stuck with you when you couldn't make browser autofill work in the UWP version because windows hello and dark theme DID work and they were more important to me. I only downloaded the version 6 beta because you told me it was going to replace my existing (unfixable) version. Now that the official version 6 is here, it's pretty clear that my "Lifetime" license is completely worthless. You gave the app a new name, and now, if I want the "premium" features that I paid for once, I need to pay for them again by buying another "Lifetime" license. Perhaps you might want to let us know what you think "Lifetime" means... I get it. the money grab is on. I'm sure I'll end up ponying up again. My concern, however, is for my "Lifetime" Android license. Am I going to have to re-purchase that sometime soon? Is the next major update going to be somehow incompatible with my current phone requiring yet another $12? Maybe you should just offer an annual subscription! That way you won't have to wait until the next update to get more money from me. Yes, I'm being snarky, and for that I apologize. Its just frustrating to see features that I paid for taken away and then re-sold back to me as "premium".
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