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  1. mbrustad

    Issues with Android app

    Hi, Item 2 in @gaetawoo post 2. SECURITY BUG: When entering Master Password on Android for the first time after installing the app (in order to sync the database), the typed characters show up on the keyboard prediction bar, which means that text entry field is NOT coded as a password field (which would not show the characters in the keyboard prediction box). It's just an obfuscated normal text. Some keyboards automatically saved typed words or entries. Or someone may be peeking and see the entire password typed out in the keyboard box even if it's obscured in the field. Also exist when you choose to edit a password field of an existing record Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Android 7.0
  2. mbrustad

    Translation to Swedish

    Is it in pipeline? Or can I help with the translation?
  3. mbrustad

    Large type

  4. mbrustad

    Translation to Swedish

    Hi, Is any translation to Swedish in progress?
  5. mbrustad

    Large type

    Hi, I would like to see an new menu item when you touch the password field. Android Version 5.4.6 Today where is Copy and the item I thinking of is "Large type", see attached images. It will make it easier for me to read my password Best regards Magnus
  6. mbrustad

    Font size

    Hi, I miss a feature where I can change the font size in the app. This to make the inormation more readable. Regards Mbrustad