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  1. While browsing e.g. several items to quick verify the password of each item it would be great to quick reveal (show) the password with a shortcut. Currently it can be done only with the mouse by clicking on the eye symbol but that breaks the flow. In some other password save apps this is done by using a modifier key press (e.g. the option key) -> while holding it, the password is revealed - releasing the key and the password is hidden again.
  2. Oh man, you are right - missed that setting totally. Thanks for pointing it out! Maybe its best to delete or skip all I previously wrote to not confuse others
  3. Ah, thanks - did not consider to change the keyboard to en, that did the trick regarding the "#" german key to be inserted as a "\" with the English Keyboard. I confused that. Global Hotkey Shortcut In the Settings of the Enpass App (6.0) -> General -> System-wide Hotkey you kann add a Hotkey (as well). As there was/is no configuration possible in the Safari Extension I (wrongly) assumed this setting would somehow be a replacement. This has the "cmd" + "alt" + key Hotkey. But it turns out that this is - as the title suggests - a Global Hotkey, that does not
  4. Hi @xarekate, maybe I do not get your point or we have two different german keyboards. Tried to imagine what keyboard layout in English Keyboard you probably think of, I assume the English International (which is at least from the key count the same as german): https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201794 I guess by "u have to use the appropriate key from the English keyboard layout." you mean at the position. If I try to follow your suggestion with the key # this would translate to \ on the English International keyboard position. So I open Enpass, Settings and navigate t
  5. Revealing a password requires to click on the eye symbol behind the password field- there seems to be no shortcut to toggle that quickly. Copying the password has a shortcut. It would be great to quick toggle between clear and hidden password to quick verify a password value. I know it is not a good approach to point at some competitors, but the most interesting one has a interesting approach: while holding the "alt" key you see the clear password. Releasing the key will immediately switch back to hidden password.
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