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  1. Hi, It looks like it can not get the browser name on that screen. What may cause that? Chrome Version 72.0.3626.119 MacOS 10.14.3 Regards.
  2. Hi, There is no 'edit' option on the browser extension screens. I have to open the main app each time I want to edit an item. Can you add an option for that, please? Regards.
  3. I completely removed the vault and imported from Lastpass this time. It's still same. I used CSV format for LastPass. If I click the extension button directly, it doesn't show any matched item, but if I use command + / shortcut, it shows them correctly. After that point the issue is fixed for the website completely. But I have to do this for all websites. I think something is wrong with Enpass to check matched domains by clicking the extension icon. Although this fix the problem for some websites, I realised that it mixes up matched items for that "fixed" websites. Now, it shows both matched websites for the current website and other ones for another websites together. I checked the domain fields, but they are completely different. If I run the same shortcut (Command + /) it shows the matched items correctly, again. As I said, it's mixed up as I fix the problem on more websites.
  4. It still shows the all used items, instead of the matched ones. Is this a bug? Can you confirm it please?
  5. I just downloaded the latest versions of Enpass Mac and iOS apps. On Mac app & Chrome extension, it doesn't show the matched items on the popup. It just lists the frequently used ones. I double checked the website on the login item, and also enabled and re-disabled "Match URL hostname" feature, but it didn't help. What is supposed to be shown on the main extension popup? Match items first, and then frequently used (or recent ones regarding the sorting setting) or something else? Edit: I imported my items from 1Password. The URL fields were missing, but I edited them manually. I also realized that if I use the shortcut (command + /) it fills the matched item correctly, afterwards the popup shows the correct items, it didn't work for some websites still. Best Regards.
  6. Hello, I use the latest version of the app and the extension on Chrome, but it doesn't show me the matched URL login item on the extension popup. I have to search it manually. Is it a known bug or do I miss something? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, It'd be good to manage all equivalent URLs in one screen. I have to add all secondary URLs manually for per login right now. Best Regards, Koray
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