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  1. Hi, I ordered a Lifetime License a few years ago and got a yearly bill 2 weeks ago. Is this a double bill mistake? Thanks in advance
  2. +1. This would be so helpfull.
  3. I can confirm this on macos with enpass 6.4.2(668).
  4. There is no restore menu point in 6.4.1. Please prove me wrong.
  5. Groby

    Sync doesn't work

    Hi, I am having this issue with “folder sync” on Mojave and High Sierra with the macOS app with touch-id support, only. I can confirm that deleting the sync and recreating it, solves the issue temporarily. I have to do it after every reboot.
  6. AVG Antivirus is also reporting "MacOS:Agent-FW[Trj]" malware.
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