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  1. When I updated I didn't even realise that folders were gone... it was only when I ended up with a item "in two folders" that I noticed it was doing tags. My only real problem is that when I create an item it no longer automatically gets put in the "folder" I'm viewing - which I find annoying, but not completely broken because I only generate about 1 password a month... What is your specific problem with tags instead of folders day to day that makes your current setup unsable?
  2. In the future? That update was from 6 months ago and a planned feature for Version 6. So we should still be chasing this. Any update would be appreciated!
  3. Having just been notified of my email being found in a breach I've found the same problem! +1 Ah wait, found the solution as per the docs (https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/pwned.html) They're at the top of the list in the "weak password" list under "Password Audit".
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