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    Am i the only one that misses the folder

    When I updated I didn't even realise that folders were gone... it was only when I ended up with a item "in two folders" that I noticed it was doing tags. My only real problem is that when I create an item it no longer automatically gets put in the "folder" I'm viewing - which I find annoying, but not completely broken because I only generate about 1 password a month... What is your specific problem with tags instead of folders day to day that makes your current setup unsable?
  2. RoyMi6

    Sync with Onedrive for Business not working

    In the future? That update was from 6 months ago and a planned feature for Version 6. So we should still be chasing this. Any update would be appreciated!
  3. RoyMi6

    Suggestion: Option to tag Pwned items

    Having just been notified of my email being found in a breach I've found the same problem! +1 Ah wait, found the solution as per the docs (https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/pwned.html) They're at the top of the list in the "weak password" list under "Password Audit".