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  1. Any update? We can't continue use enpass but seems like enpass was abandoned.
  2. Hello Enpass team ! any updates?
  3. @Garima Singh It's worked. Thank you.
  4. hi @Garima Singh thanks for reply. I created .profile file just what link describe. But stil same. It's work for xorg but not working for wayland. Also I tried creating file with sudo and non sudo but still same. Fedora 31 with latest stable kernel (5.4.17) enpass version enpass- stable enpass repo. let me know if you need another detail.
  5. @Kashish hi, this works for xorg. I couldn't figure out for wayland. Is there guide for wayland?
  6. Hi Anshu, Thank you for forwarding my keyboard feature request. Works great in the latest update. And looking forward for tag ability for new item area. I just notice a bug for docked mode. Always run docked mode doesn't works when launching enpass mini with shortcut and filling windows pin. Have a great day all enpass family.
  7. hi everyone, Enpass mini (in browser) doesn't have keyboard shortcuts for generate password. It would be nice to generated password with ctrl+g shortcut after launching enpass mini. and enpass mini "add new item" ui doesn't have an option for adding tags. Best regards.
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