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  1. Auto-fill often doesn't come up, even for password fields. Can EnPass implement a keyboard just like KeePass does? At least that way I can always still proceed without having to manually open up enpass, copy-paste the password, etc. I miss KeePass . If it weren't for the HIBP integration, KeePass would be tons more usable.
  2. I get it, clearing the password off the clipboard is a good thing. But EnPass clears out *anything else* I have on the clipboard (which was *not* put there by EnPass) too if I don't use it within a short time. In practice this means I can not have Enpass just running, I need to shut it down after using it so my clipboard remains usable.
  3. Yeah I'm baffled enpass doesn't have this. The free KeePass implementations all do from what I can tell.
  4. I can't tell really because I've already migrated to Enpass. The update did (of course, should have thought of that) the desktop file in which I had variables set to fix the scaling (fonts are super tiny on Linux), I'm trying to find that fix again... maybe something to add to an FAQ.
  5. I'm also getting a crash on import but I don't have empty titles.
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