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  1. Hello,

    I use Enpass with a local key file and every morning I need to log in into Enpass again, even though I have set in the settings that Enpass should be locked only when the system is inactive for 9999 minutes (which is 166 hours), so this option seems not to work.

    When I log in into Enpass, I need to navigate to the key file every time, even though I have set the option that Enpass should remember the path to the key file (see attachment).

    This seems to be two bugs. Would be good if this could be fixed!

    Thanks, Maja


  2. Hello,

    I use Enpass on MacOS and I have activated the login into Enpass via fingerprint. This worked fine for a couple of months now, but since a few days, every morning, when I wake up the Mac, Enpass requires me to sign in with my master password and with my private key file. This is really annoying since it requires a lot of work for me to enter this stuff, since it's a long and complicated pass phrase that I use. I wonder why Enpass has stopped accepting the login via fingerprint. 

    Anyone has an idea what could be the problem here? I did not chance anything in the settings...

    Thanks, Marc

  3. It seems it's hopeless. This topic is pretty old now and the windows app continues to crashes regularly. I really like to ask the developers this serious question: what disables you to fix those crashes and make the app stable like on any other platform? Im sure you get hundreds of crash reports each day, so you should have more than enough information about the problem. What hinders you to fix this? Why can't the application catch those excetions and handle them accordingly instead of letting the app just crash? I really can't get it. This is the only app I ever encountered in my 30 year IT carrear that is just not able to fix their crashing problems. Rather poor I would say.

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  4. I have the same issue (Windows 10 2004 on a Lenovo X1 gen2) - Enpass is crashing like 5-10 times a day (I use it heavily). This seems to be an ongoing issue - I had times where it crashed frequently and then it worked OK for some time. The MacOS Version that I am using does not have this problem at all. 

    My question is: why is it so hard to write a stable windows app that does not crash all the time? I never had this kind of problems with any other app. Can't you just catch the exception(s) in the app and show an error message instead of letting it crash? This is not a very good user experience IMHO!

  5. I use Enpass on several platforms and I am a heavy user (I use it at least 20-50 times a day). On Windows 10 (latest Enpass from Store, latest patches installed) Enpass is crashing at least once a day - sometimes more often. Enpass- can you please spend some time and make this app stable? It is so annoying (really!) to restart the app all the time, especially if you're using a keyfile that you need to select each time the app starts (beceuase Enpass can not memorize the last used path for whatever reeason) and you have a long and complex passphrase to enter.

    Please, plase. Make the windows app as stable as the OS X or Linux version! 

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