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  1. I am also looking forward for a Linux command line client and/or API!
  2. @Anshu kumar thanks - this helped! I am a bit confused, because no other app made any problems. However, it's working now!
  3. I still have this probelm too! Newest Version of Enpass with Windows 10 Pro latest Version on a Thinkpad. You guys, please fix this asap! The app is barely useable! What a mess!
  4. is this a known problem and being worked on? from the app store user comments it seems many people do have this problem.
  5. Hello, I am using the latest version of Enpass from the Microsoft Store on Windows10 and the main Windows is broken (for me). I can not access the Search, Settings, etc (see attached screenshot). Would be cool if this could be fixed! Thanks, Marc
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