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    Attachments don't work

    Anshu - OS: iOS 10.13.6 Format: PDF attachments. Same as Tom above. Note other types like JPG work fine Cloud service: iCloud Thanks
  2. wgaustin

    PDF Attachments doesn't open

    Does any moderator or Enpass rep read and address issues? I have the same problem - Can't open or view PDFs on the desktop version but can access on ios device. Can someone please address? Thanks
  3. wgaustin

    Attachments don't work

    Clarification. The attachment issue is only with the desktop version. It works fine on the synced iPhone app.
  4. wgaustin

    Attachments don't work

    Ver 6.0.2 I cannot view attachments. I select "open" on the drop down and a preview window opens but doesn't show anything. Any suggestions?