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  1. Agreed, this desperately needs some optimisation. I've got about 1,300 items in my Enpass 6 vault and it takes 4-6 seconds on iMac, which is way slower than it used to be. It's not helping that it does search as you type, which freezes the UI for a bit, then shows a spinner, before eventually catching up with the typing. You can't tell when it's searching, or what combination of letters it's actually searching for. So you type more letters, and when it finally shows you the first set of results, it notices the retyped letters, and starts searching for that phrase, which probably doesn't exist. If you can't return as-you-type results in under 50ms on an entirely in-memory search, then you shouldn't be doing search-as-you-type, you should wait for a search click or press enter. But you should be able to return as-you-type on such a small dataset.
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