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  1. Hi rich2dive, No the button is not there normally. Only when you updated the card as mentioned. What you also can do is open the website => Fill in the credentials manually => Click on the Enpass extension icon = Click on Menu => Tap Save Webform. Good luck
  2. Hello, The old way does not work in the browser from the extension. So I open a note in the Manager on FireFox and then I can't do anything with it. No right click and also [Ctrl]+[C] does not work. So make this work a.s.a.p. At the moment it's useless to have notes.
  3. Hello, I had the same problem, but found the solution. I am using 6.0.6. In my case I had an existing card en what I did is go to the website, fill in the fields manually and then I saved the form again form the Assistant. It asked for update the existing, what I did. The there was a Button called [Webform] which holds the additional info. Now if I go to the website it will fill in all 3 fields. Stupid that they did not mentioned it in the release notes!.
  4. Yes, I also want to know this. It's stupid that you can't delete a profile and also against privacy!
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