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  1. You can download Enpass for Arch Linux from here. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/enpass-bin/
  2. Have you tried reconnecting OneDrive sync?
  3. Try Disabling match URL hostname in Enpass browser setting.
  4. You can find sound option in Enpass Settings--> General --> Unlock Feedback.
  5. Make sure that Enpass is running in background. And, you have enabled the browser extension in the settings. Do it. It will definitely work for you.
  6. To create a folder at the root select any categories or all item before creating Folder.
  7. Go to user document folder--> select Enpass folder-->delete it. Now open Enpass, it will display welcome screen. For more details please have a look
  8. Hi Romain, I found a python script on github that lists all your items from Enpass. https://github.com/steffen9000/enpass-decryptor/blob/master/Enpassant.py Clearly, Enpass is doing additional encryption of data column for unknown reasons.
  9. Hi Ariel You can try these steps: Quit Enpass(if running). Go to user Document Folder-->select Enpass Folder-->delete it. Now when you open Enpass it will display welcome scrren
  10. Ak

    Reset Masterpassword

    Hi , Try these steps. Go to doucment folder-->Select Enpass folder-->Rename it (As oldEnpass).
  11. Try these steps: Uninsatll the Enpass app. Create a empty keychain with same master password that you are using on other devices. Now sync with dropbox.
  12. Open Enpass on BB device-->Scroll down the screen from top to bottom-->Go to Settings-->click on Upgrade to Pro Version. This might help you jan
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