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  1. @blacktop, I think there is a misunderstanding. I am running 6.x on both Win 7 and Win 10 Desktops, and they sync back and forth as they should. If you want v6.x on Win 7, download it from the download page, it is called "Traditional Win32 (Windows 7 or later)". There is no need to stay on v5 with Win 7! Of course it is not in the MS Store, because the store is only for Windows 8 onwards. There is no "big disconnect". And the OP is talking about Win 10 PHONE (Mobile), not desktop.
  2. Clarification: this is in the german "traditional Windows 32" Version and german "Windows 10" version. (and the subject line of this posting should read: "Text" not translated )
  3. Hi Team, In the past I successfully shared entries via text or via mail with my wife. The enpass entries themselves contain plain text, no attachments. I am now using 6.0.4 for iOS, and if I want to share now, an attachment *.enpasscard is added to the message. This is especially painful if I want to share via text message, as of course attachments do not work via text message, and my phone tells me to set up MMS Messaging to send the message, which I just do not want. The same attachment is created now if I try to share via email. This was working before! Only a link, no attachment, was sent in the past. Please investigate and switch off the creation of attachments! Thanks a lot.
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