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  1. I have Enpass Android with WebDAV sync. When changing sync server password, the ONLY fix to get sync back was to uninstall and reinstall. All other platforms (macOS, Windows, iOS) worked without problems. Apparently any change on sync cannot be compensated with vault settings.
  2. Disabling ?Enpass6AutoFill on URL-click would be my preference. Autosubmit Login -checkbox won't make a difference.
  3. The part where Enpass servers retrieve the icon is clear. What you, nor any documentation, doesn't mention is exactly WHERE are the icons stored at. If on my vault, it's more then strange for the icons not to stay on at the point where I uncheck the "use website icons" checkbox. If at Enpass, that's a clear breach of my own rules for privacy and I won't use that feature no matter how much it would increase my usability. I'm speculating here: Website icons are stored in my vault, but you botched the implementation. There are actually two operations hidden into a single checkbox: 1) Use, as in display and 2) Fetch. For this feature to be useful, I would love to use the icons, but not to automatically get all of them (I have hundreds of entries in my vaults). To balance usability vs. privacy, I'd love to manually specify which icons should be loaded. Does this make any sense?
  4. Website icons is a two-edged one for me. Having the favicon in the list makes anybody's life with many passwords sooooo much easier. On the other hand, there's the privacy issue. #1 reason for me to use Enpass is the ability to have my OWN back-end to store the encrypted vault. Since the value of customized icons is huge, I'm willing to enable the setting once. That's as in one time. Then disable it, to protect my privacy and not let Enpass know any more of my sites, until I choose otherwise. Can anybody guess what happens to icons ALREADY DOWNLOADED?! What!! Why!!
  5. Yeah! 6.3.3 has copy-button next to password while editing. That solves the problem. Thank you!
  6. No change in 6.3. Lots of confusion for the new Enpass-account, but no real change to allow copying of passwords while in edit mode.
  7. Thank you. Naturally. I think that's the reason we love Enpass, it enables me to ignore the actual password. All I need to know is how to access the password and know that it is long and complex. Personally, I tend to go for waaaaaaaay too long passwords, 60+ characters if possible. Nice! What you're describing there is a sunny-day-scenario. Your rainy-day isn't very realistic for me, as my passwords tend to be very long. I cannot keep clicking regenerate and wish for a lottery win. To get the job done, I need to edit. Typical failures in password change include: Length: Some sites announce the max. length of a password, some don't. Some of those who doen't announce the max. length secretly enforce it. The "best" sites enforce the lenght limit by not telling you until next login attempt. Complexity: Some or none of the special characters are not allowed. Prohibited paste: There are web developers who don't care about your security. They insist you on typing the same password for all sites. How I approach the above problems: Length: Since I never left edit mode, I can backspace some characters out of the generated password and go again. Complexity: I can remove some characters from the generated password, or go to generate dialog and uncheck special characters. Prohibited paste: Go for something sort with not-too-many special characters. For an Enpass UX-designer/developer I'd love to hear what they have to say about password change process. Now we have two users voicing their approach. I'd love to see/hear how Enpass will help us users in that.
  8. Ok. If you wouldn't have left this conversation, I'd be curious about the exact steps you take to change a password. Given the circumstances, I guess I just assume you never change passwords and never need to copy passwords in edit-mode.
  9. Yes. I get that a lot. Did you: Edit a entry having a password While editing, copied first three characters of a password I'm 100% sure you did not. If you would have done that, you would understand what I mean. And I have to disagree. A password will be "destroyed" by overwriting it. This would happen when you either are forced to or decide to change the password. During the process of changing, you WILL need both the old and the new password at the same time. Old version made password change process easy and smooth. This 6.20 does not.
  10. Sure. It is there. Now start editing your entry. While editing, go to password and copy first three characters of it. You cannot. Not anymore. Any password copying must be done using the copy-option you showed in your screenshot. This will effectively destroy the previous password in your database. What if the newly generated password won't be accepted and you need to re-paste the old password to retry the password change. You cannot. You just destroyed the old password information.
  11. New 6.20 dropped password copying while editing. I observed same change in macOS and Windows 10 store versions. Maybe this affects also iOS and Android versions. A typical workflow for changing an existing password is: Copy old password using Copy-button, old password is usually required during change Edit the entry Generate new password Click Show to reveal the newly generated password Copy the provisional new password from edit field Sometimes generated password isn't valid and manual editing is required. Reasons for this could be too long password containing invalid characters, etc. At this point old password is not yet lost. It is possible to cancel the change. On successful password change, Save the updated entry IMHO returning the previous functionality enabling editing and copying the password is absolutely necessary.
  12. With 6.20 update the problem seems to be gone. I'm not getting a flood of sync errors anymore.
  13. Ok. Windows 10 and macOS are free-of-charge. I happily paid for my iOS Enpass. So far customer support is simply managing expectations while giving polite "we will fix this soon". Other than that, past two months have been rather unfruitful. Like David, also I'm ready to help any way I can. This ridiculous bug is getting very annoying. If the sync fails, Enpass keeps retrying in a forever-loop spewing the 904035 love. It's like playing whack-a-mole. You dismiss the sync-error and quite soon it will pop out again.
  14. Yeah. The price of the product is right (doesn't cost a thing), but getting support for it can take quite a long time. Probably most users are going for commercial clouds and fixing WebDAV isn't a priority to Enpass devs.
  15. Thanks for that. I'll be looking forward for any new software versions which might address this issue. Meanwhile, I managed to replicate the problem on a laptop waking from sleep. There is no proxy configured, but this specific sync error will occur towards my WebDAV server. When that happens, sync attempt will continue forever without timing out. Since there is no Cancel Sync -button available to manually abort the forever failing sync, my fix is to quit Enpass and restart. Then the problem will be fixed. However, this does not happen every time after sleep wake. It happens often enough so, that I can confirm the failure.
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