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  1. Ok. Windows 10 and macOS are free-of-charge. I happily paid for my iOS Enpass. So far customer support is simply managing expectations while giving polite "we will fix this soon". Other than that, past two months have been rather unfruitful. Like David, also I'm ready to help any way I can. This ridiculous bug is getting very annoying. If the sync fails, Enpass keeps retrying in a forever-loop spewing the 904035 love. It's like playing whack-a-mole. You dismiss the sync-error and quite soon it will pop out again.
  2. Yeah. The price of the product is right (doesn't cost a thing), but getting support for it can take quite a long time. Probably most users are going for commercial clouds and fixing WebDAV isn't a priority to Enpass devs.
  3. Thanks for that. I'll be looking forward for any new software versions which might address this issue. Meanwhile, I managed to replicate the problem on a laptop waking from sleep. There is no proxy configured, but this specific sync error will occur towards my WebDAV server. When that happens, sync attempt will continue forever without timing out. Since there is no Cancel Sync -button available to manually abort the forever failing sync, my fix is to quit Enpass and restart. Then the problem will be fixed. However, this does not happen every time after sleep wake. It happens often enough so, that I can confirm the failure.
  4. Ok. Then its not the same case I have. That's what I experience. All browsers trust the certificate chain ok, but Enpass doesn't. It seems to have a certificate vault of its own.
  5. I have exchanged couple emails with support and clarified my case to them, but haven't heard from them since. The current theory is, that any HTTP-proxy, transparent or regular will cause Enpass to interpret things incorrectly. Can you confirm: Storage backend. In my case its my own Linux box with the LE-cert using WebDAV. If you're getting this on a cloud provider, then it might be a different case. I know, most likely you wouldn't use LE-cert on those, but still ... covering all the bases. The target URL works ok and has valid cert on your browser. In Windows 10 check also Edge as is it will use system settings just like Chrome. Firefox won't use system settings. Is there is a proxy in use. A transparent proxy might generate a HTTPS-cert on the fly causing the issue. Your browser might accept the certificate root ok, but Enpass doesn't use your Windows 10 certificate storage at all. It would help this case if you can share the above details on your setup.
  6. Thanks for your response. I'll move this discussion to PM with details.
  7. Initial vault setup from own server goes ok. Something changed in version 6.0.5 (or 6.0.6) and now my Let's Encrypt certificate spits error on every sync. This is not happening on my Mac nor iPhone. Only on Windows 10 store version does that. Fix is to disconnect. At reconnect select "Bypass SSL certificate verification". After that, everything works ok. This is not a blocker, more like a nuisance. Early 6.x versions worked ok, but latest 6.1.0 does not. The obvious weird thing is, that the certificate IS valid and other platforms work ok.
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