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  1. And what if, for example, version 7 comes out in a year and you give your software a different name, then it costs 12 dollars again? I mean, it's ok that you want or need to make money with your software, but then you should communicate that better beforehand, right? As you can see here in the forum, not all buyers seem to realize that an update of the Windows version from 5 to 6 costs money again. In my opinion it's not enough to simply say that the two versions 5 and 6 are two completely different programs.
  2. baught the Windows 10 App (Version 5.x) in 2016 for about 10 Dollars at Microsoft Store. So, i thought, that i can now use the Premium-Features at the new V6-Windowstore-App for free. This ist not possible. So i have to sell 6 Dollar now and the 10 Dollars in past, really? pit
  3. my Antivirus ist not Norton it is this here: https://www.360totalsecurity.com/de/
  4. what is about Fingerprint Reading? Roboform and Lasstpass can do this with the desktop Versions! Yes, i know, Enpass can do this also, but only in the special Win10-Version. I bought this, but i dont use it, because many functions about the desktopversion dont run here. Please look at Roboform and Lastpass, how do THEY implanted this fingerprint-funktion in there software. Thanks
  5. got an Trojaner-Message from 360 Total Security after download your betafile. Is this real?
  6. yes, same arguments by me. Roboform does it with Window Biometric Framework (since Windows 7). Why cant you do this. I have bought your 10 Dollar for you programm but i dont use it with the same arguments as DGage. pit
  7. want to delete my complete database (3000). Select all and choose delete. After a few moments nothing is happen and the error message "No Respond" comes. A Bug?
  8. in Roboform i can use my Fingerprintreader (Windows 10 Desktop) to unlocking my passwords. Why cant you do this for Enpass, too? thanks pit
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