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  1. Hello @Abhishek Dewan Thanks for the note -- looks like both my app and extension are up to date (I use the application from the Windows store, which auto-updates). I don't know when it was updated, but I can tell you that as of Sunday the problem was still present.
  2. Hi @Abhishek Dewan I don't understand why my last reply was not posted. I have enabled email notifications so I do not miss replies anymore. I do not know where to begin to identify which software is stealing the focus. Could we enable logging in Enpass to see which application its losing focus to?
  3. Following up on this; have you been able to reproduce the issue? On my side, when the Windows application starts misbehaving like this I usually notice it before it gets too bad; I quit the application, relaunch it, and it works for a good while until it happens again. Thanks!
  4. I wrote my previous last message last night, but forgot to submit the reply. This morning the original problem came back, and I had to log out of Windows for Enpass to appear again. So it looks like dock mode does not solve the issue.
  5. Quick update: WIth dock, I now get this behavior after a while: 1. Click on field 2. Enpass blinks on and off 3. Click again 4. Enpass appears, asking for my NIP 5. Enter NIP, nothing happens 6. Click again 7. Matching Enpass entries show up. So, it works; it's now a mild annoyance whereas before it was downright unusable. I consider this progress!
  6. Haven't had the flicker occur since I enabled dock mode. Fingers crossed!
  7. Hello, I'll try dock mode next week. I have a single vault (synced over Google Drive), with 388 entries in total.
  8. No problem, thanks for taking the time to investigate. The hard part about this bug is that it is not constant. I will have Enpass work properly for a while, then it'll start flickering and I need to either reboot Windows or kill Enpass for it to work again.
  9. Microsoft Defender (yay), and also Harmony Checkpoint, which I cannot remove due to our corporate policy. No VPN or firewall.
  10. I got the screen recording, which I will email to you. The video shows 3 ways in which Enpass does not pop up: 1) Using the left-click, password manager method 2) Using the right-click, contextual menu method 3) Using the tray icon (thus completely bypassing the browser as far as I know) I'm using Firefox x64 113.0.2 on Windows 11. Enpass extension is 6.8.3 Enpass is 6.8.6 (1360) I had to kill enpass completely because even launching it from the Start menu would not bring up the window (something which has always worked in the past).
  11. Next time it happens I'll try to do a screen recording and get you the version numbers...
  12. Hello Abhishek, When this problem occurs, I cannot even launch enpass from the tray icons, so I do not believe step 3 (cache and cookies) is related. To view enpass again when this happens, I need to launch it from the Start menu. I am running 6.8.6 of enpass, the latest Firefox (but, again, I can't even launch it from the tray icons...) Sorry it took me so long to reply, I forgot to check back.
  13. I get this same behavior on Windows 11 (x64) running Firefox. I do not use any other browser. I have yet to get this problem running on Linux. When this happens, I need to launch enpass from the start menu to get to it. I cannot make it appear from the tray icons.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion @Pratyush Sharma! Right now I'm just happy to have a working Enpass again, I'll give it a rest for now...
  15. @Pratyush Sharma I installed the Win32 version on Windows 10 2004, and I am able to run it without admin rights and have setup the Google Drive sync again. So it would appear that this only impacts the Windows Store version.
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